Gamma Corps



Handpicked and assembled by General John Ryker to eliminate the Hulk (Bruce Banner), each surviving member of the Gamma Corps held a grudge against the jade giant just as Ryker did, and each was given power from Hulk's enemies and allies. Mess had cloned parts of the Abomination grafted onto the horribly burned sections of her body; Mister Gideon was given super strength from Ryker's Doc Samson experiments; Prodigy (Timothy Wilkerson) received his powers from the Leader (Samuel Sterns)'s DNA; Grey was also created with the Leader's DNA but only as a balance to control the unpredictable temperament he would receive from samples of the Hulk's blood; Griffin (Eliot Franklin) was formerly known as the Clown and part of the notorious Circus of Crime, and he tangled with the Hulk on more than one occasion only to come up a loser every time. He was more than willing to get revenge and received power from Ryker's Harpy experiments.

Ryker sent the Corps to kill his former lackey Flux, and then set them against the Hulk, who had waged war on the heroes of Earth – namely the members of the Illuminati – for sending him to another planet against his will. Hulk's ship went off course, and he landed on a violent world where he suffered numerous trials before finding a queen who would bear him a child. However, the ship that brought Hulk to the planet of Saakar exploded and killed most of his new world, including his wife. The Hulk's anger was like never before, and his strength was greater than it had ever been. The Gamma Corps was not ready for this new incarnation of the Hulk and despite the fact that a concentrated attack led their field leader Grey to snap the Hulk's neck, the Hulk quickly recovered, fought back and tracked them to their base in the Staten Island Dump. The Corps was were beaten both physically and mentally, and the Hulk forced each member to face their personal demons. Deciding Hulk was not to blame for their misfortunes, the Corps turned on Ryker for lying to them about Hulk's involvement in the tragedies that changed their lives and to avenge the untold number of volunteers who perished because of his experiments. The Corps destroyed his base and struck out on their own, targeting new enemies: Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt and Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange).

Without the backing of the U.S. government, the Gamma Corps became fugitives and went into hiding, but continued to search for each Illuminati member. Prodigy thought he found Iron Man approaching their base, alerting the group, but the Corps was surprised when Iron Patriot arrived. Afraid he was there to arrest them, the group lashed out, unwilling to hear what he had to say. Once Prodigy incapacitated the Patriot, Grey allowed him to speak. He offered the Corps a chance at redemption by becoming his bounty hunters, bringing unregistered superhumans to justice. Eager to regain a purpose, the Gamma Corps readily agreed, but after Osborn was removed from his position as head of superhuman affairs, the fate of the Corps has yet to be revealed.

Base of Operations
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