In another universe, Gwen Poole was obsessed with Super Heroes, who were all fictional characters in her world with origins and stories printed in comic books. When she wound up in the Marvel Universe, she put on a costume and became a mercenary as Gwenpool!

Gwen has grown to care for the people that inhabit her adopted universe, though she continues to believe she’s a fictional character in a comic book. Gwenpool is the ultimate lovable, metafictional antihero and won’t hesitate to tell you so.


Unbelievable Origin

At first, Gwen had no talent and no skills upon arriving in the Marvel Universe with her brother, Teddy. She did possess a comprehensive knowledge of heroes and villains and their identities, thanks to extensive comic book reading from her universe.


Believing she’d be relegated to a comic book extra and quickly forgotten, Gwen found a costume dealer and requested a white masked costume to better distinguish herself. Due to a handwriting mixup, Gwen was now dubbed Gwenpool.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Thanks to her mentor, Batroc, Gwen has learned a little talent in guns, swords, katanas and other weapons, though she’s more likely to break the fourth wall in order to defeat villains or advance her mercenary goals.

Gwen has even pulled antagonists into the gutter space between panels, or spoken with different incarnations of herself in different parts of the same page.

Death Pool

Gwen’s chief enemy is MODOK, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. Gwen was part of MODOK’s mercenary group for a short time until the boss realized that Gwen possessed no skills whatsoever, at which point he tried to kill her and failed.


Gwen also didn’t get along much with Vincent Doonan, the former client of the MODOK organization who revealed himself to be a rogue Doombot.

Friends Forever

Gwenpool’s chief ally is her mentor, Batroc the Leaper. By virtue of them working in the same mercenary organization, he’s managed to teach Gwenpool some skills with armed and unarmed combat. He’s also a father figure to Gwen.

Gwenpool and Batroc the Leaper

Gwen’s other friends include Cecil, a hacker whose death she caused and who came back as a ghost; Ronnie the tailor who supplied her costume and mercenary jobs; and fellow mercenaries Mega Tony and Terrible Eye.








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Amazing Adventures

Gwenpool’s first self-declared mission: steal a virus from the Black Cat and sell it to Hydra, as she needed money and had none in her new universe.

As Gwen considered everyone else a comic book character, she cared little for the consequences of her actions, until Howard the Duck talked her into stealing back the virus and getting rid of it. Gwen then began taking jobs from her Super Hero costume tailor, Ronnie.

To make a name for herself as a mercenary, Gwen murdered a rival and took credit for his work, feeling nothing about the deed. She then found herself in MODOK’s criminal organization as a result, though she had to be strong-armed to join through the death of her hacker friend Cecil.

M.O.D.O.K and Gwenpool

Despite this, Gwen befriended everyone there, especially Batroc the Leaper, who became like a father figure to her.

Batroc began to train Gwen in some rudimentary fighting skills, since she had none. Thanks to a little help from Doctor Strange, she was able to transplant her own past from her universe to the Marvel Universe, which had the side effect of letting her get paid by MODOK (the organization). But since he was able to discover that she had no real skills, MODOK (the being) confronted Gwen, and the unlikely warrior managed to defeat him with the help of Cecil’s ghost. MODOK quit the organization in disgrace and Gwen became its new leader.

The MODOK organization’s next client was a man named Vincent Doonan, who was a Doombot in disguise. An army of alien Teuthidians invaded, blaming Gwen for the death of their squadron, and Doonan attempted to hand Gwen over to the extraterrestrials to appease them. It didn’t work, and Gwen escaped; she managed to free her fellow mercenaries, who, now without a client, dissolved their alliance.

Gwen went back to work for Ronnie, and was quickly imprisoned in the Negative Zone by an evil clone of Squirrel Girl named Allene Green. Thanks to the real Squirrel Girl, Gwen was freed just in time for the second civil war between the heroes. Since Gwen considered herself a comic book character, she recognized it as a Marvel Event and swiftly moved to the outskirts of Georgia, convinced that the proceedings would result in her death.

Gwenpool, Rocket and Groot

Gwen then teamed up with Rocket Raccoon and Groot to capture and collect the bounty on a fugitive alien named Chammy. After discovering that the bounty holder, Reeve, planned to kill Captain Marvel, she determined that the comic book writer of the book she was currently in might indeed have the authority to kill Carol Danvers. Naturally, she helped Rocket and Groot save the Captain's life.

A brief period amongst the Champions followed, though the team dealt with ordinary police brutality, and a disillusioned Gwen quit the group, disappointed that there wasn’t some evil mastermind behind the misdeeds. Gwen and her fellow mercenaries reunited in a new version of Arcade’s Murderworld, teaming up with Deadpool for the first time to much consternation from the similar personalities. She then found a new body for Cecil: a Nordic beast.

Next, Gwen and her brother Teddy were reunited after the youth was approached by future versions of Doonan, fellow mercenary Terrible Eye and Spider-Man, who warned him that his sister would become a horrible Super Villain in the future.

Terrible Eye managed to create a pocket universe that mimicked Gwen and Teddy’s old life and sent the siblings through it to keep them safe from this dark future, with Gwen’s memory erased. Gwen eventually realized what was going on, and the pocket universe’s nature combined with her knowledge of the Marvel Universe gave her reality-bending powers that extended into the panel borders and captions of the very comic book she was in.

This allowed Gwen access to Gutter Space, a metaphysical comic book reality between the panels, and had the side effect of restoring her memory and giving her knowledge of Teddy’s actions. With Teddy in tow, Gwen eventually returned to the Marvel Universe.

The evil future version of Gwenpool mentioned by the Spider-Man of tomorrow escaped from her own flashback into the present day, working to ensure that the future came to pass. Though evil Gwen tried to convince current Gwen that her actions didn’t matter, our hero still didn’t like what the villain would eventually do to her friends and renounced this future, causing her corrupt counterpart to disappear but shortening the number of pages remaining in her own comic series.


With only a short time left until her series was cancelled, Gwen began to despair, but a future benevolent version of her arrived to console her. Using her fourth wall breaking abilities, Gwen traveled around visiting her friends, restoring Cecil to human form, and rescuing Teddy from Mephisto, and as her last act before her journey ended, traveled to the past to console her younger self at last.