Praxagora’s home world of Ataraxia existed within the Negative Zone’s Helicon Cluster. It was a place of perfect architecture and beauty. She is from a race of complex living machines; they aspired to exist in complete harmony with every living creature. They have also mastered stellar containment technology; this enabled them to power themselves and their society. Sadly, it was their peaceful ways that left them defenseless, against the Annihilation Wave. Annihilus deemed the Ataraxians as an extreme threat to his reign. He invaded their world and slaughtered all the inhabitants.

Praxagora is believed to be the last of her kind was taken captive, as a memento of genocide, and was delivered to the UX-73 prison planetoid. It was here that she was to be interrogated, tortured and experimented on by the sadistic scientist Hawal. She eventually escaped this prison, with the help of Preak and some other Negative Zone beings.

Praxagora joined Kl'rt the Super Skrull in his mission to destroy the Harvester of Sorrows, and save his son and the rest of the Skrulls on the planet of Zaragz'na. They were betrayed by the short mechanic Skrull, R'kin. He secretly made an alliance with Annihilus' henchman Admiral Salo. Who captured Kl'rt and the others, and then had them watch as he destroyed the Skrull planet of Zaragz'na.

The outraged Super Skrull then revealed he possessed the power to hypnotize others, by taking control of R'kin's mind and commanding him to release them. Upon their release Kl'rt amputated the legs and arms of the traitor. Praxagora who appeared to be falling in love with Kl'rt, volunteered to destroy the Harvester of Sorrows, by detonating the star core inside of her chest. The Super Skrull refused to allow her to sacrifice her life for his mission.

She presented the casket to Nova and the United Front. They were not very receptive of the gift. Ronan the Accuser spat on the casket, and asked her to explain why she brought a Skrull to a Kree planet. She told the tale of the Super Skrull's heroics. Ravenous appeared, with several mind controlled minions and the Negative Zones super army known as the Centurions. She joined the United Front in battle against Ravenous and his forces. The Super Skrull managed to be restored to life through an unexplained occurrence. Praxagora then joined Ronan in his quest to overthrow the House of Fiyero.

Recently Praxagora and Kl'rt were requested to return to Kree space by Ronan himself to receive awards for their heroism during the war. At some point both Kl'rt and Praxagora were captured by the Phalanx and were infected by their techno-organic virus. The two then served alongside Ronan and many other mighty beings under the service of the Phalanx. However, due to the intervention of the being known as Wraith, both Kl'rt and Praxagora were freed from the Phalanx's control.




1000 lbs.


Light blue (robotic lens)



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