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The ultra violent entity known as the Hawk God existed in a future reality known as Earth-691. Legend has it that the Hawk God was responsible for the destruction of the Watchers of his reality and for giving the brooding Ogord children Aleta and Stakar their awesome powers exalting them to the mantle of Starhawk.

The Hawk God’s primary reason for being was of predation which is a primal necessity for insuring the survival of the fittest at all existential stratum. However, he had travel far beyond the parameters of his directive. He began to find it necessary to perpetrate cruelty for its own sake. This behavior was far below that of being on his level of existence. The prime example of his exploitation of his power and purpose is when he deliberately initiated the extinction of the Watchers. For that genocide Eternity brought him before the Supreme Council of Abstract Beings. A jury of his peers was sequestered and the Living Tribunal called the hearing to order. Pleading the case of the Prosecution was Uilig the last Watcher. The mighty planet eater Galactus provided the defense for the Hawk God. He appeared to sway the jurors with an eloquent dissertation on "the need to feed." However Uilig introduced proactive evidence that linked the Hawk God with the multiversally despised plague bringer Bubonicus. Galactus strongly objected to this inflammatory and uncorroborated accusation. The Tribunal ruled the rumor as inadmissible, although, he reminded the irate Hawk God that he had been deemed to be dangerous. As it was often wispered that he might be the one to precipitate the "War of the Cosmic Beings."

The Hawk God was demoted and sent back into time to stand in solitary confinement as a silent deity on the planet of Arcturus. There he stayed for centuries until young Stakar felt an "inexplicable urge" to explore the Forbidden City. He was followed by his stepsister Aleta, unprovoked; she threw a brain wave helmet on the ground, regenerating the Hawk God. Speculation: spread that he had manipulated the Arcturians and that his violent nature had ceased over his imprisonment. This thought was short lived, because he immediately consumed Aleta and Stakar's life-forces. Subsequently he savagely attacked the Reaver Fleet, promptly re-establishing his reputation as the renegade member of the Cosmic Elite.









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