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Henrietta Hunter



Henrietta Hunter had always dreamed of being a singer. When she grew up, she became one of the most popular singers in Europa, but she was killed when she was electrocuted by her microphone during a performance. She spent a few years wandering the spiritual realm until she decided to return to Earth, inhabiting a new body, which she magically made into her own.

Upon hearing about her resurrection, a couple of government officials tried to kill her by sending in an assault team to kill her again, but they were soon ambushed by X-Statix, who rescued the pop-princess and took her back to their headquarters, where she was confirmed to be a mutant by Professor Charles Xavier. She was invited by Spike Freeman to join X-Statix, but was felt rejected by her new teammates, and decided not to join. But after a televised dinner with Freeman, Doop saved Henrietta from another attempt on her life, after which, Freeman announced that Henrietta was now an official member of X-Statix, which angered the team.

Soon after that, Freeman tried to sell the idea of a group of mutants (dubbed "the Euro-Trash") who would kidnap, and possibly even kill Henrietta, to the Europan government officials who had sent the assault team to kill her. The Euro-Trash successfully abducted Henrietta, but instead of killing her, she talked them into the idea of holding her for ransom, and having part of the ransom go to charity. X-Statix had originally planned on leaving her to be killed by the kidnappers, but instead, they decided to save her, simply for spite of Spike, who had originally planned on letting her die. X-Statix stormed the Euro-Trash, killed all of them, and saved Henrietta. This was before they found out that, due to her popularity and marketability, she would be the new leader of X-Statix.

When the team learned of this, they decided to kill her on her yacht, but Lacuna, who eavesdropped on their plan to kill her, talked them out of it. Instead, they went on an extremely dangerous mission to save the cast and crew of a reality TV show kidnapped by the Taliban. Thinking she'd crack under the pressure, they were surprised to find that Henrietta had single-handedly killed many of the Taliban fighters. However, after the fight, a stray rocket almost hit her, but she was saved by Phat deflecting the missile off of his "phatted" body. Unfortunately, it exploded near El Guapo, resulting in the loss of both of his legs.

When they returned back home, Henrietta decided to take on the random shootings that terrorized the country, which resulted in her being named Secretary of Homeland Security. But, instead of trying to solve the shootings, Henrietta put on a a fashion show featuring the new uniforms she designed for the team, planning on showing the killer that they weren't afraid of him, or perhaps even luring him to them. When that didn't work, Henrietta tried using her possible connections to the spiritual realm by throwing a dart at a map of the United States, which would've worked if Dead Girl hadn't told the spirits to back off. Now facing an angry public, Henrietta tried to do an interview, but was promptly "boo"-ed off the stage.

When X-Statix discovered that the terrorist, Master Code, was behind the shootings, Henrietta led the team to his compound, however she was killed when Master Code broke her neck in battle.

Later on, after her death, Henrietta's record company planned on releasing a new record which was made by clipping together outtakes and interviews. The first song, "Back From the Dead", was believed to be cursed, killing anyone who hummed the song and didn't sing the lyrics correctly afterwards. When El Guapo was killed after humming the song, the team had Dead Girl hum the song. After she was struck in the head by the deceased Phat's foot (which was launched into orbit after the explosion that killed him), Dead Girl was able to talk to Henrietta's ghost, and they were soon able to track down the man responsible for Henrietta's first death, the President of Europa. The team cornered him and forced him to sing part of Henrietta's song, leaving him to deal with Henrietta's enraged spirit.





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