Known as the green potato-looking thing that lives with the X-Men, Doop is a valuable addition to many X-teams, often documenting their adventures as an official videographer.


MARVEL Puzzle Quest Celebrates Doop PVP Day with His Top 5 Comic Appearances


MARVEL Puzzle Quest Celebrates Doop PVP Day with His Top 5 Comic Appearances

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Doop (Green One) joins MARVEL Puzzle Quest


Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Doop (Green One)

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Happy 9th Anniversary to MARVEL Puzzle Quest

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Official videographer for X-Force, Doop takes his role seriously, documenting the dangerous and mundane for the famous mutant Super Hero team.


Experiment Gone Right

Thought to be the product of a Cold War era United States military experiment, the Marginal creature known as Doop is instrumental in the fall of the Soviet Union and has a mother that’s much like himself who abuses him. Little is known of Doop’s whereabouts between that period and his recent job as cameraman for the media-savvy, profit-driven mutant super-team X-Force. Doop’s unique look and quirky personality make him arguably X-Force’s most popular member, with Doop merchandise everywhere. At some point, he befriends Logan/James Howlett, AKA Wolverine, and possibly spends time as a priest.


The Many Powers of Doop

Doop usually speaks in his own unique yet easily comprehensible language (with the Doop translator) and eventually reveals his fluency in at least English. Having no legs, Doop moves via levitation. He can inflate his body to unknown proportions. Doop’s body contains a nightmare dimension called Doop Land, which he can access by turning himself inside-out or burrowing into the ground. This world is also known as Doopspace or the Marginalia, which exists between worlds, in other words, between the margins and beyond the story. Doop’s body also contains a backup brain, which can sustain him for a short period of time in the absence of his primary brain. His body can also duplicate matter.

He has roughly Class 100 strength to an untested level of energy projection, which includes the ability fire energy blasts from his brain and the power to emit a short-range energy pulse that prevents psychic intrusion. He’s also strong enough to knock down the God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor. He can also create magic by taking a dash of Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik’s magic and combining it with his body to produce a summoning spell. The full extent of Doop’s many powers is unknown. He is also an excellent cameraman and guitarist, able to defeat enemies with the power of funk music.


Foe Today, Gone Tomorrow

Doop’s enemies don’t always last long once they’ve ended up on Doop’s list of foes. He has slain several dangerous and diabolical villains, including assassins and unstable elements that threaten his x-teammates.


Marginals and X-Men Allies

Doop’s family history as a Marginal is a complicated gift wrapped in a lie. As a young Doop, his mother beat him and blamed him for his father, her husband, leaving them. Doop suffers guilt and shame, and leaves the Marginalia behind for the world beyond the margins. But the truth is that Doop’s mother was also his father. Doop, having thought he was the only boy-girl in the family learns this fact much later in life after magically summoning his abusive mother.

Doop is closest to his x-buddies Tike Alicar, AKA Anarchist, Kate Pryde, and Wolverine, even solving mysteries with the latter in his spare time. He’s a loyal friend to all his x-teammates. He comes to his teammates’ defense with murderous passion and helps them through tough relationship issues. As a videographer, he offers his unique perspective since having observed his teammates.


A Doopish History

When former team manager the Coach betrayed Edith Sawyer, AKA U-Go Girl and Guy Smith, AKA Mister Sensitive, Doop convinced Wolverine to intervene on their behalf. Accidentally sending his teammates into his own psychedelic nightmare dimension after popping a zit, Doop entered it himself to rescue them, although no one remembered these events. Following U-Go Girl’s death, Mister Sensitive rechristened X-Force X-Statix at the opening of the Doop Children’s Hospital.

During new membership tryouts, Doop discovered the applicant Timmy Glenn, AKA Corkscrew, was suffering from Code-X, which made him dangerously unstable, and later killed him. Sent by Spike Freeman to see if Wolverine had Code-X and to deal with him if he did, Doop was unaware Wolverine was sent on a similar mission by Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X. The duo briefly fought before teaming up to rescue the mythical Pink Lady from her captor Hunter Joe, whose head was later mounted on Doop’s wall.

After photographs of Robbie Rodriguez, AKA El Guapo’s affairs leaked to the press, the furious teammate rightfully blamed Doop. During a dinner meeting, Doop viciously murdered an assassin sent to kill Henrietta Hunter. After Spike Freeman’s death, Doop was one of the team members sent to Russia to find a new X-Statix financier. Kidnapped by Russian terrorists, Doop’s brain exploded during a scuffle between X-Statix and the Avengers. The two teams battled each other in an attempt to reassemble Doop’s brain, until only one piece remained. Animated by the temporary backup brain in his butt, Doop battled Thor for the final piece of his brain. Finally recognizing X-Statix as heroes, the Avengers handed over the brain.

X-Statix later resolved to break up following one final mission, during which every member, Doop included, apparently died. Doop’s popularity endures despite his seeming demise, as evidenced by sales of “Doop Lives” t-shirts. At some point Doop shared a romance with Brigit Gilroy, ending when her husband James hired Private Investigator Phillip Chandler, who fell in love—and rode off into the sunset—with Doop.

It appears that Doop has recently returned to Earth from outer space, but it is unknown whether this creature, which Lorna Dane, AKA Polaris, identified as Daap, is a different being altogether or if Lorna simply misheard the complex series of clucks and barks that constitute the alien language as Daap instead of Doop. The truth may never be known.

After the X-Men divided amongst themselves, splitting into factions led by Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and Wolverine respectively, Doop joined Wolverine’s side and became the receptionist at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Doop then learned English and confessed his undying love to Kate Pryde. Taking her through his favorite spots in Doopspace, and showing her a film of her past, he encouraged her to be irrational in a complicated situation she was faced with involving the time-displaced teenagers Scott and Jean.

He also intervened in the battle of the Atom. He then met Raze, the shape-shifting amalgam of Wolverine and Mystique and a member from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from a distant future. Raze had been masquerading as Pryde’s future self and when Doop found out, he whisked him away to Doopspace, but Raze stabbed him in the belly. Doop seemed unaffected by the injury and easily evaded Raze’s angry outbursts, buying him time to send a distress call. Soon, his X-Statix teammate Anarchist arrived and intervened, blowing Raze back with a chemical energy blast. Just as Doop was about to warn the X-Men about Raze, Raze warned him that should he reveal him, the world would know the truth about his mother. Wanting to know more, Doop let Raze escape and summoned his mother from the Marginalia.

He soon regretted it since his mother was an abusive, combative sort. She finally told him the truth, that he wasn’t created by film Director Ingmar Bergman like he thought—a fact now fiction that he based his life and love of film on. He had a nervous breakdown, and spewed a horde of emotionally deranged Doops from his body. His x-buds Wolverine and Alicar helped him through it, fighting Doop’s abusive mother, and thanks to their help, Doop finally learned the truth about his family history, that he wasn’t the only boy-girl in the family, that his mother was also his father. Doop informed Kitty that he had to call of his proposal of marriage and Kitty, who felt grateful for Doop’s previous emotional support kissed him as a thank you. She also asked him to take her back to Doopspace. Although, Doop knew the truth, that Kitty was just trying to avoid an important decision about leaving the school and the X-Men, and he helped her come to realize that.


Variable, usually around 3’







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