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In some realities, Marvel’s mightiest heroes want to make a meal out of you!



In an alternate universe, an infection takes a hold of all the world's super heroes and makes them into flesh-eating zombies. Johnny Storm, still with his flame powers, is affected along with the entire Fantastic Fourby Mr Fantastic who injected them with the hunger deciding that it was the necessary next evolutionary step they then proceeded to infect and consume every one on the Helicarrier before taking a portal to an alternative universe where that universes ultimate fantastic four and were imprisoned. Using the invisible womens powers to fool the guards the zombie fantastic four escaped and took over most of the top floors of the Baxter building. Sealed in by a force field the human torch helped build the portal to the zombieverse so the other zombies can brake down the force field and feast, however ultimate Mr Fantastic in Dr Dooms body attempted a last ditch attack and killed the Torch before wiping out the rest of the FF returning there remains to their home universe. .
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