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Hurricane was a member of the second incarnation of the Dark Riders. He had the power to summon gale-force winds, which he normally used to disorient his victims while the other Dark Riders battled hand-to-hand. During their first mission, the Dark Riders faced off against a few of the X-Men, and Hurricane jumped at the opportunity to face Storm. They battled, and Storm eventually defeated him. Later, Storm pushed Hurricane's strong winds away and Gauntlet was ready to kill him for failing twice. Fortunately, Genesis didn't want Hurricane dead and he stayed with the Dark Riders. Hurricane was one of the Riders who broke Cyber out of prison, and the two seemed to have some anger towards each other although they had just met. During the Adamantium bonding process on Wolverine, Wolverine rejected the Adamantium, exploding the tank and sending shards of Adamantium everywhere. Hurricane was stabbed by hundreds of Adamantium shards and died.





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