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After producing his first offspring (Carnage), Venom (Eddie Brock) was captured by corporate survivalists the Life Foundation, whereupon five additional symbiote seeds were extracted from Eddie's symbiote. To create a team of super-powered protectors, these five spawn underwent an artificially accelerated maturation and were attached to the Life Foundation's top five security personnel: Carl Mach, Leslie Gesneria, Ramon Hernandez, Trevor Cole and Donna Diego. When Donna, (who later adopted the name "Scream") went insane, she murdered the other four symbiotes' hosts though in the midst of fighting Venom, she did not have time to check if the actual symbiotes were dead. The four symbiotes were alive, and later taken to the Vault to be studied.

Scott Washington became one of the 35 armored Guardsmen to guard the Vault, a prison for superhuman criminals. Working there he befriended one of the convicts named Vance Astrovik. He and other Guardsmen were transferred to guard Facility #12, where scientists were studying four alien symbiotes. The symbiotes escaped from their containers and molded together to form a single unified symbiote. This composite symbiote tried to merge with Scott while letting Scott feel the pain of the four entities. Scott Washington realized that the symbiotes weren't evil and that the experiments were causing them great pain. So he later let them escape the complex. When Scott's superiors discovered that he had released the symbiotes he was supposed to be guarding they fired him.

Months later, back in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Scott was working as a security guard in local warehouse. Local Eazy X gang members choose to make Scott in an example to others. One night the gang made a drive-by shooting on Scott's house and the bullets hit his brother and him. As a result, his brother died and Scott was paralyzed from the waist down. Consumed with helpless rage, Scott was approached by the composite symbiote that had tracked him as a sympathetic host. When Scott bonded with the symbiote, he regained his ability to walk. He still holds lots of anger, saying that it is oftentimes the symbiotes that prevent him from wreaking acts of violence, and some cases the other way around. Unlike other symbiote hosts, who hear an extra voice in their heads, Scott has four additional voices in his head.

Naming himself Hybrid, Scott then waged war against the Eazy Xs. He finally brought the gang that had shot his brother and himself to face the law with the help of his friend Justice. He began to get a lot of attention from the press, which in turn attracted the attention of the armored vigilantes the Jury - most of them former Guardsmen with grudges against Venom and symbiotes in general. They captured him and tried to separate him from the symbiote. At the same time Justice had heard of the capture and set out to save him with his teammates Turbo and Powerpax. They tracked Hybrid to the Jury's base. Although the Jury's leaders were by now convinced they had misjudged Hybrid, the symbiotes remained vengeful, and the New Warriors' arrival escalated hostilities further. Finally calming his merged friends, Scott ended the conflict and was invited to join the New Warriors. Hybrid declined the offer and is still cleaning his neighborhood from criminals.




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