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Out of the five alien symbiotes that were forcefully extracted from Venom (while bonded with Eddie Brock) by the Life Foundation, Donna's is the only one still active today that is not bonded to Hybrid. Donna first appeared bonded to her yellow-and-red symbiote at a mall in San Francisco as a test of her abilities. The Life Foundation wanted her and her fellow symbiotes as guards for the Life Foundation's buildings and work as police in their future utopia. Spider-Man showed up and stopped her but she still managed to escape. Spider-Man then followed her to the laboratory. Where Spider-Man with help of Venom defeated Donna and the four other symbiote users.

After the destruction of the Life Foundation's laboratory Donna searched for Venom on her own and found him fighting Scarlet Spider. She tried to convince Venom to help her and her fellow symbiotes to control their symbiotes, but Venom didn't want anything to do with his unwanted children and attacked her. Venom managed to get upperhand and just when he was going to kill her Scarlet Spider stopped him. Donna then quietly escaped leaving them to fight each other.

Soon after the last encounter Donna and her fellow symbiotes started to search for Venom again. They eventually captured Venom, but Venom refused to tell them anything. Donna went mad and killed all the other of her fellow symbiotes hosts and even confessed that she had heard voices long before the symbiote bonded with her. Venom freed himself and attacked Donna after a short fight Venom easily won. Venom then left and the authorities took her in custody. At the same time the other four symbiote spawns of Venom melded together and later bonded with a host to become Hybrid.

Donna devoted herself to kill all other symbiotes, because she thought that they were evil like herself. Venom seemed to be her main target fighting him on several occasions. She recently regretted her villainous ways and started to help other symbiotes hosts by teaching them how to deal with their symbiotic other.

Donna also teamed up with Venom when he was fighting Dirt Nap. She had gotten herself stuck in Dirt Nap's ship, but she eventually stopped him. She's now following his father's footsteps by walking the thin line that's between hero and villain.









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