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Born in Australia, Fred Myers’ family moved to America when he was still very young. He developed a talent and passion for baseball, quickly becoming a top-notch pitcher and moving from a minor league position to one in the majors. Many sports writers agreed that Myers could have been one of the world’s greatest pitchers, but within a year, he was suspended for taking bribes.

He found employment (and fulfillment) as an assassin for the subversive society known as the Secret Empire, who gave him the equipment and identity of Boomerang. One of his first known exploits on behalf of the Empire occurred when the Empire was investigating the U.S. Army’s Orion missile program, one that was being used against the Hulk. Boomerang kidnapped the General’s daughter, Betty Ross, in order to ask for the missile plans in ransom. Instead, he was defeated by the Hulk.

Upon the collapse of the Secret Empire, Myers returned to Australia briefly but eventually was hired by the criminal financier Justin Hammer who offered him new equipment and employment. Myers soon found work with other crime bosses, including the Kingpin and Hammerhead on separate occasions, or otherwise engaged in solo criminal activities. Never one to turn down a lucrative criminal opportunity, he has joined many groups over the years, such as the Sinister Syndicate, the Masters Of Evil, and the Sinister Twelve.


(as Todd) 5'6", (as Ion) variable


(as Todd) 125 lbs., (as Ion) variable


(as Todd) Green, (as Ion) variable


(as Todd) Red, (as Ion) None

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