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Lucas Bishop was born in the 21st Century A.D. of an alternate future timeline in which the mutant-hunting robot Sentinels had taken control of North America. In this timeline, Professor Charles Xavier and most of the members of the mutant team he founded, the X-Men, had been killed. Surviving mutants were hunted down and either killed or imprisoned within relocation camps.

Bishop's parents escaped to America shortly before the island nation of Australia was destroyed in a tactical nuclear strike. They were soon captured and interred in a mutant relocation camp in Sheep's Head Bay, Brooklyn, New York. There, Bishop and his sister Shard were both born and, like other mutants, they were branded with "M" tattoos over their right eyes for identification.

Eventually, humans and mutants joined forces and overthrew the Sentinels in what became known as the Summers Rebellion. However, humans still resisted coexistence with mutants, and radical terrorist groups of mutants, such as the Exhumes, made war on humans. One of the veterans of the Summers Rebellion, a mutant named Hecat'e, stated that it was unacceptable for humans to hunt down criminal mutants, believing mutants should police themselves. Thus Hecat'e and other mutant veterans formed the Xavier Security Enforcers, named after Charles Xavier in honor of his dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans.

After the death of their parents, Bishop and Shard lived with their grandmother, who was herself a mutant. She told them stories about the heroism of the X-Men and instructed them to follow Xavier's dream of peace between mutants and the rest of humanity. One day, when Bishop and Shard were both still children, two X.S.E. members were pursuing Virago, a member of the Exhumes. Virago was about to murder Bishop when one X.S.E. member shot her dead. Until then, Bishop had regarded the X.S.E. as his enemies and the Exhumes as heroes, but from then on he wanted to join the X.S.E.

Later, Bishop and Shard were attacked by criminal mutants. Bishop attempted to save his sister from them, but it was two members of the X.S.E. who stopped the criminals. Impressed by Bishop, the X.S.E. members offered Bishop a position in the organization. Bishop accepted on the condition that Shard be accepted in the X.S.E. as well. Thus Bishop and Shard became cadets at the X.S.E. Academy under Hecat'e's supervision. Among the other members of their class was a mutant named Trevor Fitzroy.

Bishop and Shard eventually graduated from the Academy and became officers of the X.S.E. Shard, however, became Bishop's commanding officer. Bishop contented himself with a lower rank so that he could work the streets as a homicide policeman alongside his friends and fellow X.S.E. officers, Malcolm and Randall.

Fitzroy eventually turned criminal and was imprisoned, but escaped with other mutant criminals through a portal to the X-Men's own time. Bishop, Malcolm, and Randall followed, even though they were aware they had no means to return to their own time. Stranded in the past, the trio tracked their mark into the midst of a fray between the X-Men and the Sentinels. Confronted with the legends of his youth, Bishop's first reaction was one of disbelief. Ultimately, Bishop's troops were slain by Fitzroy's forces during the deadly firefight. Only through the X-Men's intervention did the badly injured Bishop survive.

Finally coming to terms with his time-tossed situation, Bishop was honored when Professor X invited him to join the team whose members he had idolized since childhood. Bishop found new purpose with the X-Men, fighting alongside the mutant adventurers to avert the genetic war that for him was history. Initially uneasy with Bishop's presence, the X-Men soon came to realize he was a devoted disciple of Xavier's philosophy, albeit an oft-times over-zealous one.

During his time with the X-Men, Bishop proved instrumental in returning the timeline to normal after it was twisted by Legion, the mutant son of Professor X, who had traveled into the past to kill Magneto but had inadvertently killed his father instead. Bishop also saved the lives of his teammates from the malevolent psionic entity known as Onslaught. In his own time, Bishop had learned of a traitor in the ranks of the X-Men who would ultimately cause their death. For a time he believed it to be Gambit, but after it was revealed that the traitor was none other than Professor X himself, albeit as Onslaught, Bishop was able to intervene and stop Onslaught from killing the X-Men by absorbing the energies of a massive psychic blast.

After the X-Men were separated whilst returning to Earth following a mission in deep space, Bishop was severely injured. He was cared for by the alien Deathbird, who wished to use Bishop in an attempt to claim the throne of the intergalactic Shi'ar Empire from her sister, Lilandra. After a few interstellar adventures, including one to an alternate Earth ruled by the Shi'ar, Bishop managed to return to Earth and the X-Men.

Plagued by reoccurring nightmares of Fitzroy, Bishop resigned from the X-Men to dedicate himself once more to the pursuit of his arch-nemesis. Drawn by the villain into another possible apocalyptic future, Bishop learned that his failure to act against Fitzroy had resulted in the criminal taking over this future world, wherein he had rechristened himself as the all-powerful Chronomancer. Fitzroy planned to ascend to godhood by becoming one with the temporal energies that control all time. Aided by a young boy named Michael who had been drawn to the future with him, Bishop gathered a small group of mutants and focused them on a single goal: quashing Fitzroy's mad plan.

During the epic battle that followed a trek across the strange new world, Bishop defeated Fitzroy moments before he could complete his mad quest. However, the price of victory was high: Bishop's sister, Shard, sacrificed her life so that her brother could put an end to Fitzroy. Mere moments after the war had been won, Filled with chronal energy, Bishop was ripped back through time. Young Michael remained in the future, seemingly with no hope of returning home.

Spiraling through time, Bishop emerged back in the present as he crashed into a Shi'ar space station in deep space. As it happened, Professor Xavier and his team of mutant Skrull students named Cadre K were searching the same station for Deathbird, the Shi'ar criminal who was apparently Bishop's chronal anchor in the present day. A pan-galactic committee had transformed Earth into an intergalactic prison planet, and Deathbird held a key to penetrate the energy barrier that surrounded Earth. Bishop almost killed Deathbird before she opened an airlock and blew herself into the vacuum of space unprotected. After forming a plan with Professor X, Bishop allowed himself to be captured by the galactic committee and sent to Earth where he was quickly reunited with the X-Men. Then, alongside members of the Avengers, the X-Men helped liberate Earth.

Soon after, Bishop and five other X-Men formed a splinter group of X-Men, cutting all ties with the rest of the team whilst searching for the Diaries of the late blind mutant seer named Destiny. The team later took on the responsibility of acting as a mutant peacekeeping force, setting them on the path to become the X.S.E. of Bishop's own time. After defeating the mutant predator known as Elias Bogan, the X-Treme X-Men returned to Westchester to help rebuild the mansion following an attack by Magneto. With Professor X having left for Genosha, the X-Men were forced to restructure and the X-Treme team disbanded to rejoin their comrades.

Later, when crime in the borough of New York known as Mutant Town proved more than the N.Y.P.D. could handle, Bishop was called in to help police the region, referred to as District X. . When the events of M-Day, caused by the reality warping mutant, Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch), Bishop retained no memory of it. And when she almost wiped out the mutant X-gene, making mutants border on extinction, Bishop was one of those few who was unaffected by it. After this the government of the United States declared Xavier's school to be a mutant sanctuary where the last mutants could live undisturbed. The X-Men however, had no say in the matter as Sentinels surrounded it to "protect" it. Bishop was one of the only mutants on campus who favoured their presence, and got on very well with Dr. Val Cooper, who was the commander of the O.N.E Sentinel squad. But when Civil War broke out and the X-Men in general remained neutral, Bishop was one of the few mutants to register with the government, causing a rift between him and many of the X-Men who, while neutral, felt that registration was wrong. However, Bishop was only doing this in an effort to prevent the monstrous future that he came from. . After Civil War, Bishop participated in many of the unregistered superhuman round-ups. He continued to do this until he recieved word that the first mutant to be born since m-day was just born and both the acolytes and Cable were pursuing it. Believing this to be the young mutant who caused his horrific future, Bishop set off in search of it. . Bishop was relentless in his quest to find the baby. When he learned that Cable had the baby and was heading to Forge for a time machine, Bishop beat him there, wounded and/or killed Forge and shot Cable when he arrived. But just as he was about to kill the child, the Acolytes broke in, and took the baby from Bishop. Bishop then fooled the X-Men into thinking that he wanted to save the baby so that he could have some distractions for the Acolytes, giving him time to kill the baby. But his plan hits a snag when Madrox, a.k.a Multiple Man, wakes up from his trip with Layla, the memory restoring mutant from House of M, to Bishop's future. He reveals that Bishop believes that the mutant baby to be the cause of his awful childhood and that he will try to kill it. But with Bishop and the X-Men accompanying him on radio silent, the other X-Men fly out to stop him. Ultimately, Cable and the other X-Men get the baby with Proffesor Xavier's help. And as Cable faded away, going to the future, Bishop shoots his fading form. The bullet, however, goes through the shape and hits Xavier between the eyes, seemingly killing him. Cycops then hits Bishop with an optic blast, stopping him once and for all.




275 lbs.


Brown, red when using powers



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