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Arrested after murdering his young female neighbor, this vile excuse for a human being told police the details of how and why he did it. Luring the girl into his apartment when she was locked out of her own home, he told her the story of the Jack O'Lantern then slit her throat and drank her blood. He said he did it as a pact with Satan, so he could become the new Jack O'Lantern and avenge his brother's death – his brother being a previous Jack O'Lantern too. The detectives didn't believe his story until he transformed right before their eyes. Startled, one of the officers shot him in the head only to have him reappear in normal form behind them. The furious officers were ready to do him in just then, but a timely interruption from a man working for Norman Osborn appeared with official documents demanding the prisoner's immediate release. Jack O'Lantern expressed his gratitude and was told Osborn may require his services in the future.









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