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Early history of Steven Levins isn't known until he somehow got his hands on Jason Macendale's Jack O'Lantern equipment. His first known appearance was when he and Blackwing were searching for Red Skull in his old hideout after he had faked his death. They didn't know that they weren't alone and got attacked by Captain America who had come to check the place. Captain America managed to surprise them and attacked Levins. They fought until Levins managed to use a gas grenade that contained hallucinogenic gases on him. Captain America was caught in an illusion, but still managed to hold both villains at bay. When the two villains realized that they couldn't beat him they tried to escape through the sewers, but Captain America managed to capture them after the effects of the hallucinogenic gases wore off. When he was taking them to a secure place to question them they were both shot by a guy that looked like Scourge of the Underworld. Captain America left after him thinking that the two villains had died, but it was a illusion made by Mother Night who had taken the appearance of Scourge of the Underworld and Cutthroat retrieved both bodies while she distracted Captain America. They didn't count on Mother Night being captured and taken to a police station by Captain America. Jack O'Lantern and Blackwing decided to join the Skeleton Crew, but were reluctant to go save Mother Night from the police station. Mother Night managed to get herself out of jail by paying her own bail and they left to the Red Skull's new base in Colorado. The Red Skull provided Levins and Blackwing upgraded versions of their weapons and equipment.

He worked for the Red Skull until Captain America and Falcon came to rescue Diamondback who was kidnapped by Crossbones. They fought for a while Falcon took care of Jack O'Lantern and Blackwing and Captain America took down Crossbones and Mother Night with the help of Diamondback. Jack O'Lantern and the other villains were imprisoned in the Vault.

After he managed to escape from prison. He was seen in the auction of bodies of deceased superheroes held by Chess Set. The auction was interrupted when Alpha Flight and Spider-Man crashed the party and Levins quietly slip away in the confusion. He later fought a different Spider-Man, Spider-Man's clone Ben Reilly. He teamed with Beetle, Boomerang, Scorpia and Shocker to get the prize money offered for a skeleton wearing a Spider-Man outfit that Ben Reilly had found in a smokestack. Reilly managed to take them all out and decided to give the skeleton away to get them off his back.

Some time later he was hired with Shocker and Constrictor by Dennis Golembuski a crimelord who mainly focused on diamond smuggling. They ran into a problem when young low-level criminal the Hood stole some of the diamonds and even managed to beat the trio. Golembuski wasn't pleased and sent Madam Rapier with them to retrieve the diamonds. She ordered them to stay back till she gave the signal, but things didn't go like she had planned. Trio saw this, but decided not to intervene. Hood outfitted her with a red hood and federal agents though that she was The Hood and shot her. Trio was quite surprised what had happened and even more surprised when Hood gave them the diamonds back. They took the diamonds back to devastated Golembuski fulfilling their contract with him. After this Levins has seen working with Constrictor and Armadillo fighting heroes like Spider-Man and Hercules, but with little success.

He resurfaced just before the Civil War|Stamford incident. He was hired by the terrorist organization R.A.I.D. that had organized terrorist attacks on several targets in London. He, Jackhammer and Shockwave were ordered to flood the Thames Tunnel, but their plans were foiled by Union Jack's intervention. All the villains were arrested and Jack O'Lantern was most likely deported back to U.S.A.. He then was convicted and jailed until Songbird recruited him to a special branch of Thunderbolts. This branch has since been put into action in order to hunt down the heroes of the Anti-Registration resistance. It was while tracking down Spider-Man with the help of Jester that Jack O'Lantern was killed by the Punisher.

Levins' body was transported to his hometown Sleepy Hollow to be buried but shortly after his burial a fragment of Lucifer's soul, who Ghost Rider accidentally freed from hell, possessed his corpse. Posing as Jack O'Lantern, Lucifer wrecked havoc in the small town of Sleepy Hollow, slaying Levins' father in the process. Ghost Rider managed to stop him with the help of local Sheriff.




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