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Susan Scarbo and her brother Melvin were stage performers, who were billed as Hypnotists Supreme. As time passed the brother, sister dual grew tired of their stage act and turned to a life of crime. After amassing an impressive army Susan became known as “Suprema.” Susan’s exploits gained the attention of the Red Skull, who sought her out as an operative in his quest of world domination, which led to her being assigned to the task of “Night Mother,” to his daughter Sinthea. Under Susan’s tutelage Sinthea became vicious and angry; Sinthea eventually took the name of Sin and began the leader of the Sisters of Sin, which was a group of four orphan girls, whom the Skull had brain washed into worshiping Sinthea as a goddess. They were a branch of the Skull's organization dedicated to youth hate camps.

As time went on Suprema’s influence over her men grew, and she soon revealed that she possessed witch craft and intended to become the “Queen of Crime.” Her first order of business was to use her hypnosis to take control of the gambling operations of Ace Wilde. She continued on this path by gaining mind control over the other crime bosses of New York City. Believing her actions as a success Suprema targeted S.H.I.E.L.D., by taking control of agent Dum-Dum Dugan’s mind and forcing him to revealed the location of top agent Nick Fury, who Suprema quickly overpowered and took control of S.H.I.E.L.D... However, the patriotic Captain America was there and he was able to elude their hypnotic attack, with his shield. Realizing that he was overpowered and outmanned, Captain America stole the Wolverine Jet and escaped. As researching Suprema background Captain America returned and bombarded Suprema and her men with knock gas releasing the S.H.I.E.L.D. from her control.

Not long after her defeat by Captain America, Suprema changed her name to “Mother Night” and commanded the Sisters of Sin through her Camps of Hate, to gather teenage youths that she and her brother could brain-wash into servants. During a Hate Rally, Mother Night had a member of the Watch Dogs thrown into the bonfire to incite the young crowd. Unbeknownst to Suprema, Captain America had snuck into her rally, by having Sersi cast a spell which gave him a teenage appearance. Captain America was spotted by Sin, who brought him before her. Mother Night injected him with truth serum. However, Captain America was able to resist the serum's effects, weaving a very believable reason for his prying into her office. Not long after this Sin along with the Sisters of Sin battled the teenage Captain America, however, Sersi’s spell wore off and Captain America returned to his normal age and quickly defeated the young girls. Mother Night and her brother were apprehended and given to the police.




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