Jazinda (Jazinda Kl'rt-spawn)

Jazinda Kl'rt-spawnJazinda

The shapeshifting Skrull and galactic bounty hunter Jazinda crashes on Earth and in meeting She-Hulk, she chooses to commit herself and her powers to catch criminals.
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An agent of Skrull Empire, Jazinda Kl’rt-Spawn follows orders to unearth a sacred gem from the Kree Empire, though when she does, it bonds to her and with it she can resurrect from death. She uses it to become a galactic bounty hunter, and eventually a bail enforcement agent on Earth.


Skrull Beginnings

Born in Tarnax IV in the Andromeda galaxy to Kl’rt, AKA Super-Skrull, Jazinda Kl’rt-Spawn is his the younger child and sister to Sarnogg. Jazinda grows up to become an agent of the Skrull Empire. When sent to retrieve the sacred Sy-Torak gem from the Kree Empire, she finds it but ends up getting caught. She swallows the gem, which unexpectedly bonds to her, resurrecting her whenever she is killed. Refusing to sacrifice her life by allowing the gem’s removal, Jazinda is branded a traitor. Becoming a galactic bounty hunter to survive, she eventually crash-lands on Earth, where she Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, befriends her. Jazinda becomes her freelance bail enforcer partner. 



As a Skrull, Jazinda has typical Skrull shapeshifting abilities. When she ingests the Sy-Torak gem, it resurrects her after she’s been killed, usually in 90-120 seconds, depending on the wound’s nature. If the gem is removed while she’s clinically dead, the death becomes permanent.  

She also uses a psi-link device, a subcutaneous locator device, a gun with a bio-scanner, and a portable computer that responds to her mental commands. Jazinda travels via RV or spaceship, and is an adept pilot.


From Family to Foe

After Jazinda absconds with the gem, she becomes a traitor to her people. This label extends to her father Super-Skrull and his agent Nogor, AKA Talisman. When they meet again, Super-Skrull slays her, but as she resurrects, he has a change of heart and instead warns her to stay out of the way while he and the Skrulls invade Earth. 

Other enemies Jazinda faces include the United States government, who captures and conducts experiments on her, and S.W.O.R.D., whose mission at one time is to rid the world of aliens.


Earth Allies

After some time on Earth, Jazinda starts to care for the planet and its people. She becomes close friends with the crime-fighting Gamma-powered lawyer She-Hulk, but at first she doesn’t trust her so she uses a psi-link device to monitor her thoughts. Once she realizes she could be trusted, Jazinda works with her to attempt to prevent the Skrull Invasion. Proving their strong allyship later, She-Hulk saves Jazinda from being held against her will by the United States government and experimented upon. Other partnerships Jazinda forms include one with the Lady Liberators, who go up against dangerous threats. 


A Bounty Hunter’s Biography

Jazinda secretly put a psi-link device into She-Hulk’s brain to monitor her thoughts until she felt she could trust her. After dealing with minor criminal Rockwell Davis, AKA Hi-Lite, and Celtic god Bran the Blessed, Jazinda sensed the holy Skrull Talisman’s arrival on Earth. Aware this was a prelude to invasion, the two women captured Talisman, but as the invasion began Jazinda’s estranged father Super-Skrull freed Nogor and killed her. However, when Talisman tried to cut out the Sy-Torak gem, a conflicted Super-Skrull threw Talisman away from his daughter and warned the two women not to come after them again. 

After the invasion was defeated, Jazinda helped the Lady Liberators take down corrupt Marinmer leader Darqon Par and cosmic composite being Unum. Captured and tortured by U.S. government scientists, Jazinda was rescued by She-Hulk and the Lady Liberators but S.W.O.R.D. has since targeted Jazinda in their efforts to rid Earth of aliens. 


5'6" (variable)


135 lbs. (variable)




Green (variable)


Black (variable)

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