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The Lady Liberators were first formed by the Enchantress, to carry out her fiendish plans. She disguised herself as the Valkyrie and mentally manipulated other powerful women such as the Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Madame Medusa to do her bidding. The Enchantress eventually led the Liberators on a collision course with their teammates in the Avengers, and the two teams hesitantly came to blows with one another. The Lady Liberators defeated their male colleagues, and once the Enchantress felt her plan was near fruition, she dropped her disguise and attempted to annihilate the very women that helped her. The Scarlet Witch used her hexes to counteract the Enchantress' magic, and it seemed the Enchantress had destroyed herself. Goliath made a comment on how the women should have learned their lesson, but Scarlet Witch and the Wasp agreed the Lady Liberators would make their return someday.

It has been quite some time since the original team of the Lady Liberators had disbanded, but the Scarlet Witch and Wasp made good on their word. Even though it might not have happened the way they thought it would, the Lady Liberators are back. This informal team of superwomen was brought together this time by an angry She-Hulk. After she had suffered a brutal assault by the Red Hulk, She-Hulk wanted some payback, so she called all the powerful women she knew. Her call was initially answered by the true Valkyrie and Thundra. The three of them were given an assignment by Commander Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. to find the Red Hulk and discern his civilian identity. The trio did indeed locate the Red Hulk, but it almost proved to be an impossible task of subduing him. Just when it appeared the Red Hulk was going to slaughter the lot of them, reinforcements arrived in the form of Hellcat, Storm, Spider-Woman, Tigra, the Black Widow, and the Invisible Woman. Together, the combined might of these women staggered and even toppled their massive opponent, but even so, the Red Hulk's power was too great. His revival took the Liberators by surprise, and he abducted Thundra only to release her after he made a proposal to her. The offer, as is her answer, has yet to be revealed, but the She-Hulk is already committed to a rematch with the brute.

The battle with the Red Hulk, and her reunion with her friends, filled She-Hulk with something her life has been missing. She has been trying to deny the part of her life where her powers come into play. She wanted to reconnect with that part, but she wanted to make a real difference in the process. She-Hulk got her chance when the nation of Marinmer was ravaged by an earthquake which left hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need of help. Political red tape tied any other country's hands to send aid, but the She-Hulk called on the Lady Liberators to act. Thundra, Valkyrie and the Invisible Woman all responded to her summons. Jazinda, disguised as a member of the Shi'ar race instead of her native Skrull race, provided the transport to Marinmer. Once there, the Liberators met some resistance from the local militia, but they succeeded in obtaining the supplies they needed to help the people. Unfortunately, the cruel dictator who was withholding the stockpile asked for assistance from his Russian allies, and the Winter Guard was dispatched to oppose She-Hulk and her team. The two teams fought, but an uneasy truce was formed when the bloody and broken villagers showed up and personally asked for help. The Winter Guard and the Lady Liberators facilitated search and rescue operations – some with devastating results – until the She-Hulk was asked to negotiate a treaty with the dictator himself.

During the discussion, the She-Hulk and the Invisible Woman – who had sneaked into the dictator's palace unknown to She-Hulk – were both drugged and then bound. She-Hulk woke up in her civilian identity of Jennifer Walters, tied to the dictator's bed. Jen figured the negotiations would be a trap so she had Jazinda disguise herself as one of the guard's, and when the time was right, Jazinda revealed herself and was going to kill the dictator right in front of Jennifer. Jen protested, feeling he wasn't worth killing, but once she found out Jazinda stopped him from having his way with her while she was unconscious, Jen became angry enough to revert back to She-Hulk. If not for a timely recovery by the Invisible Woman, She-Hulk would have accidentally killed the dictator by punching a hole through his head. She-Hulk calmed down and decided how she could make things right again. Using Jazinda's shape changing skills, She-Hulk had Jaz pose as the dictator, offer the required aid to his people and then stage his death. The real dictator was smuggled out of his country and left to wander the Australian outback.

Sometime after that, while She-Hulk and Jazinda were in pursuit of a bail jumper, a vicious creature named Unum savagely attacked them. Before Unum could obliterate the two of them, the Collector, whisked them away to safety along with the Invisible Woman, Valkyrie, Storm, Thundra, Lyja the Lazerfist, and the women of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora, Mantis and Quasar. The Collector thought the best way to protect them was to imprison them in pleasant surroundings, but the women didn’t agree with his idea. They eventually broke free and confronted Unum, but it wasn’t until Mantis and She-Hulk entered Unum's mind and discovered the true purpose behind her killing spree, that they were able to stop her. Unum was being manipulated by the cosmic being Enmity, and once She-Hulk convinced Unum she was being used, Unum turned on her master, and the women were all returned to their appropriate places in the universe.

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