Jeryn Hogarth acts as Danny Rand’s number-one friend and confidante when it comes to all things business and law. As the driving force behind Rand-Meachum Inc., Hogarth keeps the multi-billion-dollar corporation on the rails, while Iron Fist spends most of his time punching faces.

Keeping Things Accountable

Accomplished lawyer Jeryn Hogarth found himself thrust into the world of costumed Super Heroes when he confirmed Danny Rand’s identity and gave him an important role at Rand-Meachum. Since then, he provides legal defense for everyone from Power Man and Iron Fist, to the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

Jeryn Meeting Danny Rand

Rogues Gallery

Given his connection to Iron Fist and Power Man, Jeryn Hogarth crosses paths with some Super Villains. For instance, Nightshade, Discus, Stiletto, the Eel, and Man Mountain Marko once try to kidnap his daughter. Later, Xao and Davos kidnap his mother and blackmail Jeryn into helping them attempt to blow up K’un-Lun.

Powerful Friends

Jeryn Hogarth worked alongside Danny Rand’s father and one-time Iron Fist candidate Wendell Rand.

After meeting Danny, Jeryn becomes allies with heroes like Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Daredevil. He also represents both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four in court. At one point, he takes on Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) as a legal partner.

Jeryn representing Danny Rand





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Counsel for Hire

When they first met, Jeryn Hogarth introduced himself to Danny Rand as both his father’s friend and lawyer. Hogarth quickly informed young Rand that he owned 55 percent of Rand-Meachum and facilitated the young man’s acquisition of his portion. Upon working with Iron Fist, Hogarth also became acquainted with his friend Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Luke Cage.

On a trip to Canada, Sabretooth took Hogarth prisoner, but Colleen managed to free him while Iron Fist took on the menacing mutant. After Danny, Misty, and Colleen helped gather evidence against Bushmaster when he framed Luke Cage, Hogarth represented him in court and Cage was acquitted.

Jeryn, Luke and Danny celebrating Luke's newfound freedom

When Luke Cage decided to move forward with Heroes for Hire, Jeryn helped Power Man understand the business side of his endeavor. Over the next few weeks, Hogarth helped Cage apply for licenses, meet with potential clients and negotiate loans. He also convinced Luke to bring Danny in as a partner in the business leading to a long-running venture between the two that helped grow an incredible friendship.

Hogarth continued to help and even run the Heroes for Hire organization. He also helped the Avengers during a Senate inquiry, which proved one of many attempts by Hogarth to appeal to a higher-class clientele than the one the Heroes for Hire usually served. That didn’t stop Iron Fist and Power Man from accompanying Hogarth’s daughter Millie to her debutante ball where Nightshade, Discus, Stiletto, the Eel, and Man Mountain Marko attempted to kidnap her, until they came face-to-face with Heroes for Hire. Thinking that Danny had been killed and Luke framed for the crime, Jeryn shut down the original Heroes for Hire operation.

A few years after Heroes for Hire folded, Jeryn took a job with the Chicago Spectator Newspaper and reunited with Luke Cage. He appeared on television to defend the one-time Power Man’s actions. When Iron Fist was revealed to be alive, Luke was cleared of the murder of Danny Rand.

Jeryn and Luke talking business

During Danny’s second outing with the Heroes for Hire, Hogarth claimed to be nearing retirement, but offered up the services of his new partner, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). After that, he served as legal counsel for the Fantastic Four alongside Matt Murdock.

Later, Jeryn tried setting up a deal between Rand a man named Xao for an experimental magnetic train system that Danny scuttled. Xao turned out to not only be a high-ranking member of Hydra, but also an associate of Davos. Their plan involved building the train in the real world, filling it with explosives, and sending it through a portal to destroy K’un-Lun.

Jeryn talking with his mother's kidnapper

Jeryn facilitated the construction of the train after Xao kidnapped his mother and sent Hogarth one of her fingers. He appealed to his Super Hero friends Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing for help, while he continued overseeing the manufacturing of the train. Ultimately, Wing and Knight broke free from Hydra’s restraints and returned Jeryn’s mother back safe and sound.

Around this time, Jeryn also became aware that Danny had been using the Rand company’s finances to fund the Secret Avengers, after Captain America gave himself up to end the Super Hero Civil War. Hogarth also helped Danny work around his legal status as a living lethal weapon and filed a motion to fully define super powers.

These days, he still upholds the law when it comes to Danny Rand’s latest team, the Defenders, which includes longtime friends Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil!