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Proudstar is the leader of "Ghost Dance", the first link of the Infernal Gallop and the journey to Avalon. The Ghost Dance was a religion practised by Proudstar's ancestors to rid the land of the "white man" but due to the callous ruling of Apocalypse his people now dance for the High Lord's erasure. Nightcrawler came to Proudstar and asked to be taken to Avalon. Proudstar, aware of Nightcrawler's relationship with Mystique, began pointing accusations against his mother for stealing from the people traveling to Avalon. Enraged, Nightcrawler teleported Proudstar's finger off and demanded to be taken to Avalon unnoticed. Unfortunately, there was a spy named Moonstar watching the proceedings and she reported back to Apocalypse. Apocalypse sent his Madri to the Ghost Dance and Proudstar was killed in the ensuing battle.




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