Jolt (Kyi)

Kyi (last name unrevealed)Jolt



When Taskmaster assigned Diamondback and Siren a mission to kill the former Avenger War Machine, the two failed and returned back to base. Unknown to the two of them, Kyi had stowed away on the Quinjet in hopes of becoming one of Taskmaster's students. Taskmaster originally refused to allow a child into his academy until he tested Kyi and found out that Kyi had potential and power of teleportation. Kyi would eventually take the name Jolt due to his powers.

Taskmaster soon found out that Diamondback double crossed him by planting explosive devices around his headquarters. Jolt accidentally started one of the devices when he removed one of the diamonds attached. Taskmaster had Jolt open a teleportation hole large enough for Siren, Jolt and himself to escape the explosion. During the journey through the portal Siren was sent back to her own dimension while Taskmaster and Jolt teleported to an unknown location.

The current whereabouts of Jolt are unknown at this time.









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