Justice Love

Justice Love

An agent of the Time Variance Authority, Justice Love lives up to her name…well her first name anyway since she has no love for time violators.



Justice Love is a dedicated agent of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), catching those who commit crimes against the timestream.


Mysterious Origin

Not much is known about Love’s origin, only that she works for the TVA to catch criminals and prosecute them.


Skilled Markswoman

Justice Love has exceptionally quick reflexes and is a skilled markswoman. She wears an “energy-enhanced union skin” uniform. Love’s helmet is apparently connected to a cybernetic right eye that analyzes iris distension and cross-checks visual purple light wavelengths to analyze the truth from others. 

She wields at least two TVA-issued handguns. She also wields a gauntlet that contains a computer and fires projectiles able to freeze chronal signatures and making them out of synch with the given timeframe, unable to be affected by TVA cannons designed to eradicate anyone from history.


Time-Traveling Criminals

Justice Love brings in Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, when she violates time law. She also acts as the Prosecutor during She-Hulk’s trial, calling for the maximum sentence. Despite the judges agreeing with her, when the Super Villain Clockwise attacks everyone at the trial, She-Hulk helps save the day and Love must watch as she is shown leeway.


Timely Allies

Justice Love works for the TVA as a kind of police officer alongside her coworker Justice Peace and other Justices. She follows the TVA’s orders to a tee and has no middle ground when dispelling justice.

A Justice’s Work Is Never Done

Alongside Justice Peace, Love presided over the trial of temporal infractor Charles Czarkowski, forcing Czarkowski to complete his own temporal loop and be shot by his past temporal self. Love alerted the TVA that it was a mistrial and Peace then arrested She-Hulk, for trying to alter the past by warning Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, of his apparent upcoming death.

While escorting She-Hulk to her time violation trial, Love chastised her for breaking time laws. At the trial, Love acted as the lead prosecutor and often interrupted the process, shouting her demands. One of them being that She-Hulk should receive the maximum sentence: erasure from history.

When Love had enough of the trial, she took She-Hulk two years into her future to show her The Reckoning War, a war that spread across the cosmos and that She-Hulk caused. Observing events and then returning to the TVA, She-Hulk accepted the full sentence, to be erased from history. Suddenly, the villain Clockwise intervened and grabbed the anti-temporal cannon and shot at everyone in the room, taking out historical figures left and right. Love used her TVA tech to freeze everyone’s chronal signatures and make them out of sync with their current timeframe, making the cannon useless against them. She-Hulk took the opportunity to distract Clockwise which gave her just enough time to kick him in the face and turn the cannon on him. Helping save everyone, She-Hulk rescinded her plea to Love’s displeasure. The judges granted her leeway despite siding with Love. She-Hulk’s allies then brought in all the people she helped over the years as character witnesses which convinced the judges that she was a unique and irreplaceable being who if removed would threaten the entire continuum.



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