Justice Peace

Justice Peace

The TVA’s temporal police officer Justice Peace is the most well-known of the justices and not only has the authority to time travel, but also solve the TVA’s problems.



As an agent for the Time Variance Authority (TVA), Justice Peace is always on time and always follows his orders.


Temporal Officer

Native to the alternate future Earth-869371, Justice Peace works for the Federal Police, assigned to Brooklynopolis (counterpart of Earth-616’s New York City) and enforces the Hammurabi code of genetic law (based on Earth’s earliest laws as written by Babylonian King Hammurabi). Though genetic encrypting at birth kept violent crime to a minimum, Brooklynopolis’ mayor was murdered by the possessed Greater Tashkent Protectorate’s diplomat, swiftly precipitating worldwide nuclear war.

Identifying the killer as the Zaniac, vermin that could possess bodies and jump from host to host, Special Services convinced the TVA to send Justice Peace back in time to eliminate Zaniac’s threat closer to its point of origin.

When Peace gets a time fix on him, tracing him to the modern era of Earth-616, Peace travels back in time to nail Zaniac.


Skilled Marksman and Pilot

Justice Peace has exceptionally quick reflexes and is a skilled marksman. He is genetically incapable of humor and deceit. He wears an “energy-enhanced union skin” uniform, able to withstand a punch from God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor. Peace’s helmet is apparently connected to a cybernetic right eye that analyzes iris distension and cross-checks visual purple light wavelengths to analyze the truth from others. 

He wields a Peacemaker, which fires projectiles such as DNA implants preventing targets from committing a certain crime again; energy dispersing pseudo-protons (able to dissolve the Invisible Woman’s force fields); flame retardant material with mucilage overlay; and napalm-like charges. 

Peace rides a verbal command response Hopsikle, which flies at sub-sonic speeds, can be charged with temporal energy (enabling time travel), and projects high density plasma that congeals into a restraining device. When the Hopsikle’s charge runs out, Peace is pulled back to the TVA’s Null-Time Zone or to his native timeline. 

Despite his time-traveling abilities, Peace is limited by desire to avoid disrupting the timestream (at the risk of the TVA destroying his own timeline) and by the need for someone to commit their crime before performing punishment. Appreciating the importance of being punctual, he avoids being either early or late.


Time-Traveling Enemies

Peace goes up against Zaniac who causes a world war in his timeline. After joining the TVA, he acts as one of their police officers, bringing in time-traveler violators to be judged for crimes against time.


Timely Allies

Peace works for Federal Police as a Justice or police officer and allies with the TVA when a villain causes World War VII. On his journey to the past to capture Zaniac, Peace encounters Avenger Thor on Earth-616 but ends up in a battle with the Thunder God. Once they resolve who they are and their intentions, they ally to capture Zaniac.

After successfully capturing Zaniac with the TVA’s time-travel device, the TVA sees Peace as an effective resource and adds him to their ranks as a temporal police officer.


A History Across Time 

While tracking down the murderous Zaniac, Peace ended up in 1986 with only hours to find him. Unable to ignore his duties, he was distracted by reprogramming jaywalkers, but Thor, God of Thunder took notice, thinking him a villain. Thor threw his hammer Mjolnir at him and Peace fired his handheld weapon back at him, and launched a restraining device from his time-traveling vehicle, the Hopsickle, that slowed Thor down, allowing Peace to find his fugitive. Though it prevented him from stopping the dying Zaniac (Brad Wolfe) from infecting a new host, that of Andrew “Thug” Thatcher. 

After Thatcher slew Thor’s former lover Jane Foster, Thor charged Peace’s Hopsickle craft with temporal energy to arrive before and prevent Thatcher’s mutation, diverging it (and Foster’s death) to Reality-823019. Peace was then able to return to his own era with his mission completed.

Justice Peace was hired as a freelance TVA agent. At different, unspecified times he fought alongside Earth-7484’s Godwulf and encountered Earth-616’s Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, parting on unfriendly terms with the latter. When Earth-616’s Victor von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, and Reed Richards, AKA Mister Fantastic, engaged in a time-jumping battle, the TVA sent Peace to stop it. Peace seemingly slew Doom then brought the Fantastic Four before the TVA. When the FF escaped, Peace pursued and overpowered them, but the virus Reed introduced into the TVA’s system caused such chaos that Peace ultimately allied with the FF for his own survival; with distaste for his TVA experiences, Peace vowed to return to his own time, noting the FF had broken no laws in his jurisdiction. 

Rejoining the TVA (or perhaps in an earlier adventure), Peace was assigned to bring in Godwulf for failure to apprehend Earth-7484’s Henry Akai, AKA Timestream, but was defeated by Godwulf and his allies Earth-616’s Michael Collins, AKA Deathlok, and John Kelly, AKA Siege. Owing Godwulf a debt and compassion for Earth-616, Peace detailed Timestream’s threat to various realities and gave the trio 24 hours real time to end this threat. After they succeeded, Peace returned the trio (plus ally Earth-7484’s Luther Manning, AKA Deathlok) to their respective eras. 

When Deathlok-7484 (at an earlier point in his life) threatened to disrupt Earth-616’s timeline, Peace allowed Captain America-616 to stop Deathlok without killing him, and Peace returned Deathlok to his own timeline despite his alternate reality knowledge. 

Alongside Justice Love, Peace presided over the trial of temporal infractor Charles Czarkowski, forcing Czarkowski to complete his own temporal loop and be shot by his past temporal self. Peace then arrested Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, for trying to alter the past by warning Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, of his apparent upcoming death. Peace testified against Walters, noting her responsibility for the pending “Reckoning War,” but after she subdued the attacking temporal criminal Clockwise, She-Hulk was released.

He also had a couple encounters with Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. The first time was after his first encounter with Thor. Deadpool attacked him for information about the TVA. The second time, he tracked down the merc with a mouth and attempted to arrest him for altering history without a valid permit. But Deadpool corned him with his temporal paradoxes and justified altering history to warn Peace about the Tomorrow Men. Peace’s Lie-Eye revealed Deadpool spoke the truth and Peace made him and his paradoxes official informants for him and the TVA.

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