After the Terrigen Mist transforms him, Kamran discovers his gifts of bioluminescence and biokinetic powers.


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Recruited by the Inhuman Lineage, Kamran joins a scheme to rid the world of non-Inhumans, and attempts to recruit his old childhood friend Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel. He kicks off their relationship by revealing himself as a Nuhuman.

Jersey City Origins

Kamran grows up in Jersey City with his well-to-do parents Bushra and Irfan who are very good friends with the Khan family. However, they move to Houston, Texas, when Kamran was five years old. As a teenager, Kamran and his family moved back to Jersey City, and that same night, Terrigen Mist covered Earth. While Kamran was unpacking his room, the mist came through the window. He passed out and woke up in a cocoon. After digging his way out, he discovered the mist unlocked his latent Inhuman abilities. Those that emerge from the mist with powers come to be known as Nuhumans. 

He attends Excelsior Academy, but eventually gets accepted into MIT early on account of his academic successes. There, he plans to study microbiology, engineering, and pre-law. 

Biokinetic Powers

Able to emit and store a glowing bioluminescent energy, Kamran can expel this energy as a shock or transfer it into an object, which causes it to glow and explode. 

Marvelous Enemies

Kamala Khan is at first Kamran’s ally, but after he charms her into trusting him, and takes her against her will to his boss, Lineage, she—with the help of her friend Bruno Carrelli—becomes his enemy. He further pushes her away by attacking her family and kidnapping her brother Aamir

Covert Allies

Initially, Kamran covertly works for the Inhuman Lineage—a devious member of the New Attilan council bent on using the Inhuman genome to destroy the Earth’s non-Inhuman population. Lineage recruits Kamran and his ally, the electricity-manipulating Kaboom, to recruit Kamala Khan to his cause.

A History of Subversion

After Kamran went through Terrigenesis, the Inhuman known as Lineage recruited him into his diabolical plan to rid the world of non-Inhumans. Kamran’s mission was to recruit Kamala Khan.

When Kamran and his parents arrived at the Khan’s house for a visit with their family, Kamala’s parents, Yusuf and Muneeba Khan, asked him questions about his near-future studies at MIT while his own parents talked him up about how he volunteers with the elderly. Despite serious interest in his studies, he mentioned how he liked to play World of Battlecraft. Kamala walked in instantly smitten. They related over other things too, such as Bollywood movies. Kamran invited Kamala to check out a store that sells remastered DVDs but Kamala’s father Yusuf refused as it was inappropriate. Kamala volunteered her brother Aamir to be said chaperone, and on their way, the villainous Kaboom attacked, knocking Aamir and Kamala to the ground. Kamala ran off to change in the alley and returned to battle as Ms. Marvel where she defeated Kaboom, to the point where Kaboom had to be taken away on a stretcher. Kamala then ran back into the alley to change back, returning to meet up with Aamir and Kamran. Then, Kamran asked to speak with her alone, giving Aamir his word of honor. Kamran revealed that he saw her in the alley, and while Kamala defended herself and started explaining how she was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, he revealed that he was too as he transformed into a blue-white light.

He explained how it happened the night he moved back to Jersey City but Kamala and Kamran were soon interrupted by Aamir who thought it was too long and inappropriate for them to be talking without a chaperone. After Kamala returned home, Kamran showed up at her window, egging her on to come out and play. She was hesitant to sneak out but did so, and Kamran took her to the top of a water tower. Kamala asked to see his powers and he showed them to her, first by glowing in bioluminescent fashion, then transferring his biokinetic energy to an old pen and, after tossing it in the air, it exploded. Kamala then expressed how when she fought Kaboom earlier that she hadn’t hit someone so hard before where it caused damage but Kamran reassured her that she shouldn’t feel ashamed for the way she is—justifying her actions, and then he tried to kiss her but they were caught by on onlooker who yelled at them to get off the tower. They ran and both went back home.

The next day, Kamran offered her a ride to school, but had other plans for the destination. When Kamala realized they weren’t going to school, she demanded he pull over. Kamran insisted she meet someone important to him, and then tried to convince her that they were better than humans. Appalled, she walked away from him but he knocked her out with his powers. Kamran took Kamala to New Attilan to meet Lineage, and they locked her up. She escaped the holding room, but not their facility. While they explained their plan to have her join their team, she sent a coded message to Bruno and chucked her phone at Lineage and ran.

Kamran followed Kamala and cornered her, demanding she apologize to Lineage for making him look bad, but then decided to punch her. Kamala overpowered him, and when he powered up something in his pocket and threw it at her, she caught it and threw it back. The explosion knocked him back allowing Kamala to escape his grasp. Lineage rejoined Kamran as he recovered, apologizing for screwing up. Lineage revealed that she wasn’t the only one in her family line with Inhuman powers and that they’d make her pay someday.

Kamran then traveled to Kamala’s house where he knocked out her parents. When Kamala came home, Kamran revealed that her brother Aamir was a potential Inhuman, and he was soon going to be exposed to Terrigen Mist and recruited to join Lineage’s cause. He left Kamala shattered at the idea of her brother’s choices being taken away from him. Later, while Kamala and her ally Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, were distracted by Kaboom, Kamran exposed Aamir to the mist right in front of Kamala. He admitted he stole the mist from New Attilan to turn Aamir and impress Lineage. Captain Marvel didn’t think it was actual Terrigen Mist but still, Aamir woke up and blasted psychic force fields. Kamran welcomed him to the Inhuman family, but Aamir was offended and adamant that he already had a family, and that he was to stay away from Kamala. Kamran fought Aamir but soon faced defeat.