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Published July 13, 2022

Sloth Baby Productions Presents: ‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 6

“But you sure are, and always have been, our own little Ms. Marvel.”

ms. marvel

Following the explosion, Circle Q is a mess. Agent Deever surveys the scene and complains that this is what happens when kids get powers. Talking to another Damage Control agent, she instructs them to lock the city down and bring them in before anyone else gets hurt.

Speaking of kids, Bruno and Kamran are on the run trying to figure out where to head next. Kamran is injured and they’re both a little shaken as they trudge through a subway car. After he grabs one of the subway poles, his powers activate which startles him. Bruno tells him not to worry — Kamala freaked out about her powers at first, too.

Suddenly, Damage Control appears in the car with them, and when Kamran accidentally bumps into a passenger trying to get away, he activates his powers. He shoots his own hard light across the car, breaking a window and startling everyone else.

Meanwhile, over at the Khan household, Kamala has an announcement to make. Gathering the whole family together — Muneeba, Yusuf, Aamir, and Tyesha — she first apologizes for a long laundry list of things, like ruining the wedding, and sneaking out to AvengerCon…but then Muneeba cues her to speed it up. Okay, so here goes. Kamala wants everyone to know that she is the light girl.

“The what?” Aamir asks.

Kamala has to clarify that she means Night Light, and the whole family is shocked. JK, they all knew. Muneeba already told Yusuf, and since Yusuf takes all of his calls on speaker, Aamir and Tyesha overheard the conversation. This is not new information to them and they’ve got a hundred questions.

However, Yusuf is worried about his daughter and her newfound powers — and recognition. “Kamala this is just so incredible, I for one am so proud of you. We are all in awe of you. But I just want to be sure that you’re being careful out there. I mean, just because you can do all these amazing things doesn’t mean that you’re actually volunteering to go looking for trouble.”

Kamala has an answer to this: “I don’t think you raised me to sit behind and do nothing when I can help people.”

ms. marvel

And more importantly, her family trusts her, finally. But, this gathering is interrupted when Nakia calls Aamir. Puzzled, he hands the phone to Kamala who jumps on the phone with her. Kamala is so excited to see her best friend, but Nakia has no time for chitchat. Has Kamala heard from Bruno? Because the Circle Q exploded.

Frantic, Kamala starts trying to call Bruno but he doesn’t pick up. As she paces back and forth across her room Muneeba enters with a surprise. Handing her daughter a toffee box, Kamala opens it up to find a brand new outfit inside. “This feels a bit more like you,” Muneeba says as Kamala stares at the blue, gold, and red pattern. She puts it on and takes off running high above the streets of Jersey City — on her hard light platforms, of course.

Not knowing where else to go, Bruno takes Kamran to the Mosque. Nakia is not happy to find them there, because this is absolutely where Damage Control is going to look first. A plan is hatched and when it’s clear, Bruno and Kamran are going to head to the high school since that’s the only place guaranteed to be empty on a Saturday.

Sure enough, Damage Control shows up at the Mosque and demands to see everyone’s IDs, but this is not the first time a government agent has stormed into the building, and Sheikh Abdullah and everyone else are at the ready with their identification. Feeling like they’re stalling for time, Agent Deever brushes past them and starts barking orders about where to look. Nakia tries to create a diversion, which actually works (even though she mumbles that Miguel is her boyfriend —hey, he won’t fight that).

Thankfully,  Bruno and Kamran stay hidden long enough to escape out the side and duck into an alleyway. That’s when Kamala drops in, literally, from overhead. Kamala immediately starts checking in on Bruno, but it’s Kamran everyone has to worry about. He’s overcome with his powers and not knowing how to control them lets it all loose, sending things flying in the alleyway. Kamala and Bruno manage to help him up, and the three escape down the street together.

ms. marvel

Finally making it to the high school, Kamala sends Bruno and Kamran in ahead of her while she makes a phone call. Kareem picks up on the other end and Kamala explains that she needs help  — specifically, Kamran needs help. She knows Kamran is the last person Kareem would ever want to help because he’s related to a Clandestine, but Kareem understands. He’ll see what he can do, Kamran just has to make it to the harbor by midnight.

Once inside the high school, the three of them are joined by Nakia, who takes one look at Kamala’s new outfit and bitterly jokes if it was “made in Pakistan.”  Kamala immediately starts apologizing to her best friend and tries to explain that since Nakia hates Super Heroes, she didn’t want Nakia to hate her, too. Realizing how fearful Kamala was about this, Nakia reassures her that she would never hate her.

Bruno happens to look outside and sees that Damage Control has the place surrounded. Kamran knows that he’s the one they’re looking for since he blew up Circle Q, and Kamala tells everyone that they should leave so they don’t get roped into this, too. But Bruno reminds them that they already blew up his apartment, and Nakia’s upset because they invaded the Mosque, and also Zoe confesses that Damage Control tried to trick her into giving Kamala up (Zoe’s at the high school because the lighting in the theater is really good, in case you were wondering). No one’s leaving — they’re all in this together.

Okay, so what’s the plan? Since Damage Control is already here, they can’t outrun them. So, they’ll distract them. It’s a good plan according to Aamir, because yeah, he’s here now too (Muneeba sent him to watch over Kamala which she immediately protests because Super Heroes don’t need chaperones!). 

Okay, back to the plan. They’re going to need supplies, like hoodies, skeletons, fire extinguishers, softballs, and also Zoe’s phone. The first part of the plan is to simply stall Damage Control. The second part of the plan is to have Zoe livestream everything happening to all her followers.

As for Damage Control, Agent Deever calls Agent Cleary with the good news that they’re closing in on the enhanced individuals. However, Cleary isn’t thrilled that this is happening in front of a high school as there IS such a thing as bad press. Though he tells Agent Deever to stand down, she goes against his orders and orders her agents to move in on the school.

ms. marvel

Inside the school, much is being discussed. Nakia quizzes Zoe as to why she didn’t say anything about Kamala’s powers: “I think Kamala should be able to tell the school when she’s ready.” Elsewhere, Kamala confesses to Bruno that Kamran’s mom died in Karachi — something she shouldn’t tell him right now. And Aamir wonders if Kamran even likes reality cooking competitions?

But that’s when Damage Control breaches the school and the plan is on.

The first thing Damage Control comes across is Bruno’s Zuzu and not knowing what it is they destroy it. On the second floor of the building, Kamran yells at the agents down below — and they spot him wearing a red hat and sweatshirt. Turns out everyone is wearing that same outfit in an order to confuse Damage Control, and the agents wonder if Kamran has multiplying powers (he does not). Meanwhile, Zoe goes live on her social media accounts telling everyone that Damage Control has her and her friends surrounded and they need help.

It’s complete chaos in the school. The group has barricaded as many things as they can and ride around on bikes using the smoke from the fire extinguishers to create an even larger distraction. Kamala’s science project gone wrong traps some of the agents, encasing them in foam. She and Kamran then duck into the school councilor’s office as Damage Control agents close in on them, thinking they’ve been discovered. The agents are called away at the last second, only to reveal that Kamran and Kamala have been holding hands this entire time, both glowing with their Noor energy. “Still with me?” Kamala asks him, to which Kamran replies, “Always was.”

And that’s when they lean in to kiss! And that’s also the exact moment Bruno rushes into the room, too, and sees what he just interrupted. He takes a split second to process everything and then tells Kamala and Kamran to run. In an effort to distract the agents, he begins dancing to music as they jump and apprehend him. Elsewhere, Nakia rides around the gym on a bike, confusing all the agents before joining up with Aamir and Zoe. Though their plan to shoot Damage Control with softballs initially works, the group is quickly captured.

Kamala and Kamran rush down a hallway, as Kamala explains that she’s got a friend who can help him out. Kamran immediately knows she’s talking about the Red Daggers, and he protests this. The Red Daggers have been fighting his family for generations, so why should he trust them now? Kamran asks Kamala what happened to his mother, and before she can answer two Damage Control agents crash through the building.

Kamran, frustrated, immediately blasts the agent with his hard light, but Kamala stops it. As they continue running, Kamala tries to explain that Najma was trying to destroy everything and Kamran notes that she was trying to save his home. After asking again, Kamala tells him she’s sorry and he knows what that means — his mother is dead.

As more agents move in on them, Kamran turns the corner and begins fighting them with everything he’s got, destroying the hallway and toppling over the lockers. In an effort to stop him, Kamala grabs him, but it’s no use. He runs away.

ms. marvel

Blasting out of the doors of the school, Kamran comes face to face with dozens of Damage Control agents. Agent Deever instructs him to get on his knees, but instead Kamran powers up. The agents begin shooting at him, and he’s able to deflect many of the bullets, but not all of them. That’s Kamala jumps out a window and gets in between Kamran and the agents, creating a shield to try and save him.

Kamala is able to hold off the agents, but not for long. Deever brings out an even bigger weapon to fire at them and it completely blasts Kamala and Kamran away. As the weapon powers up again, Kamala says the magic word: embiggen.

She stretches and grows double her height and stops the weapon from firing again, throwing cars here and there to slow Damage Control down. But she’s still Kamala after all, and double-checks on some of the agents nearby, asking them if they’re okay. “Yes, Miss Night Light,” they reply back, and Kamala groans. She’s trying to drop the Night Light name!!

So while Kamala is trying to slow Damage Control down, Kamran is prepared to fight them head on. He takes out a few agents with his hard light powers and that’s when Agent Deever moves over to apprehend him. He tosses a car at her, but it misses and goes flying towards the crowd of onlookers off to the side — a crowd that includes Kamala’s whole family, many members from the mosque, and Zoe’s social media followers. Realizing what he’s done, there’s no time to stop it…but Kamala can. She grabs the car and pulls it away before it can hurt anyone.

But Kamran is still frustrated and upset. As Agent Deever moves in again, Kamran lets his powers completely loose, creating a trail of destruction in his wake. Kamala using all of her powers and strength pushes forward to try and stop him and creates a safe bubble for the two of them to talk.

“Kamala look around, they’re never going to accept me and they won’t accept you either. My mother was right, this isn’t my home,” Kamran tells Kamala. He wonders how he can be normal, and Kamala to tries to reason with him, “There is no normal. There is just us, and what we do with what we’ve been given.” Kamran realizes that she’s right, and after she creates a getaway for him he heads to the harbor.

ms. marvel

When Kamala’s light shield finally deteriorates, the crowd of onlookers rushes her, creating a giant human barricade (and the Jersey City police join in, too!) to stop Damage Control from taking her. With that much distraction, Kamala jumps above the crowd and hurries away on her hard light platforms. And that’s when Agent Deever gets a call from Agent Cleary who instructs her that she’s relieved of her duty and someone else is coming to clean up her mess.

Back home safe and sound, Kamala scrolls through social media seeing dozens of posts celebrating her and how she saved everyone. With a deep breath, she takes a look at herself in the mirror and realizes what she’s been able to accomplish.

Kamala climbs outside on the roof, and Yusuf joins her out there. He asks her what her Super Hero name is, but Kamala explains that she’s still figuring it out. Yusuf reminds her that we all are. As Yusuf talks, we see just how Kamala has been able to help her friends along the way — Bruno prepares to head off to Caltech, Nakia calls out instructions in the mosque, and Kamran arrives in Karachi to meet Kareem.

On the roof, Yusuf continues to explain just how important his daughter is to the family, and mentions that the word “Kamala” actually means perfect in Arabic. But in Urdu, it means more like “wonder” or…”marvel.”

“I share the same name as Carol freakin’ Danvers?” Kamran cries. (Yusuf does not know who that is.)

With one last hug to her dad, Kamala takes off into the night sky on her hard light platforms. Yusuf watches her go and whispers to himself, “magic.”

One week later, Bruno and Nakia pull up in Kamran’s car — he left it behind when he fled the country. The two begin arguing about who the car belongs to, and Nakia insists that it looks better here in Jersey City. Bruno shouldn’t take it to Caltech.

More importantly, Bruno has to talk to Kamala. Aamir has been wondering if he has powers, too, so Bruno ran some tests. In the simplest terms, Bruno explains, “We know why you have access to the Noor and why you can wield it, but when I compared you to the rest of your family there something still seemed off."

Kamala stares at Bruno for a second, unsure how to answer. “Whatever it is it’s just going to be another label,” she shrugs and asks for Kamran’s car keys.

That’s when Bruno realizes that Nakia has swiped his car keys, and with a laugh, they all pile into Kamran’s vehicle and drive away.

Sometime later, Kamala collapses on her bed, with her mother calling from downstairs that it doesn’t sound like she’s doing science homework. Kamala groans, and that’s when she notices the bangle on her wrist is illuminating. As she gets up to take a better look at it, she’s suddenly sucked away via some unknown force which in the process destroys her closet door. When the dust settles, Captain Marvel stands up and takes one look around Kamala’s room and all the pictures, posters, and images of her plastered on the walls. Oh no.

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