While Karkas uses his gargantuan frame to protect the Eternals and humanity, it also masks a heart of gold and the sensitivity of a poet.



Karkas, mutate of the Deviant race, possesses the gentle soul of a poet that belies his monstrous visage, and often allies with the Eternals.


Looks Can Be Deceiving

Born to the race of Deviants, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity created by the enigmatic Celestials, Karkas is one of the more monstrous-looking Deviants and categorized as a “mutate.” He grows up in their home world of Lemuria beneath the Pacific Ocean.

While in Lemuria, Karkas is pitted against Ransak the Reject in the Deviants’ Arena of Combat. The visiting Eternal Thena is astonished by the cruelty of Ransak and philosophical nature of Karkas, and ultimately takes both of them into her care, making them residents of the Eternals’ city of Olympia. 


Monstrous Mutate

As a Deviant and monstrous mutate, Karkas possesses an unstable genetic code that leaves him mutated with a thick red hide for skin which is tough, and resistant to injury; his physical mutations also include claw fingers on each hand and an oversized head. His mutation grants him superhuman abilities such as strength, stamina and durability and he is highly intelligent, most notably interested in philosophy.

Thanks to the Eternal Thena who uses her powers of illusions, Karkas’s true form can be cloaked to a more human appearance. This human cloak helps him blend in on Earth when he needs to do so, but the exposure to her powers gave him some telepathic ability over time allowing him to amplify his thoughts through a mirror.

He wears armor around his legs made from a durable composition.


Wicked Warlord Enemies

Karkas goes up against the priest-lord and Deviant Ghaur and often works with the Eternals and the Deviant Kro to hinder his religious rule.

Apocalypse attacks Karkas’ original home world of Lemuria with nuclear weapons while he is visiting and as such the blast transforms him further making him a massive rampaging version of himself. Unfortunately his longtime friend and ally Ransak is forced to slay him to protect others. 


Eternal Friendships

Karkas is allied with Thena of the Eternals after she meets him on his home world Lemuria. She takes him and his friend and ally, Ransak, under her wing and they live together in Olympia. He then becomes a part of the Eternals and allies with them against their enemies.

Karkas and Ransak are pitted against one another by their Deviant overlords. Ransak is more hot-headed where Karkas is the cool cucumber of the duo and while they spar both physically and verbally, they are ultimately allies. When Karkas mutates further due to exposure to nuclear weapons, sadly Ransak has to kill Karkas to stop his violent rampages.

Karkas first fights the God of Thunder Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, then becomes his ally against the Olympian gods.


A Mutate’s Memoir

Though Ransak is suspicious of how the leader of the Eternals, Zuras, will use them for devious designs, Karkas does not share his anxieties. A Deviant villain known as Zakka subjected humans to chaos and terror nearby, so Karkas and Ransak departed for their first mission led by Thena. While waiting in reserves in his human form, Karkas encountered some of Zakka’s warriors brought through time and they battled until they suddenly disappeared. Having transformed during the fight into his more monstrous-side, humans run from him. Zakka, reminding Karkas of his Deviant heritage and how humans will not accept him does not sway Karkas to partner with Zakka’s reign of terror. Taking several blasts from Zakka’s shock-pistol, Karkas though weak survives and threatens Zakka that his friends are on his tail.

When Karkas, Ransak, and Thena joined fellow Eternals Ikaris and Sersi in exploring a Deviant outpost beneath New York City, they were aided against the Deviants by the Asgardian Thor. Thor joined them in Olympia where his father sided with the Olympian gods in assaulting the city believing Eternals to be pawns of the Celestials. A battle ensued between the Eternals and Olympian gods, and Karkas participated fighting for the Eternals. The disagreement though was eventually called off and the Eternals allied with Thor’s father, Odin Borson, AKA Odin.



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