After losing his parents and his best friend, Kazi becomes hardened, growing up to be a mercenary for the mob in New York City known as the Clown.

A Rough Childhood

Growing up, Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak family runs a traveling circus. When they die in a fire caused by a turf war, he tries to gather his family’s things with his friend Janek. A pair of armed criminals threaten them but they are shot in the back by a stranger from the mafia gang known as the Tracksuit Draculas who tells Kazi and Janek to leave quick. The two friends then put on shows as clowns for the Draculas but, in a sudden explosion, Janek perishes, leaving Kazi totally alone. He grows up to become the mercenary the Clown, wearing minimalistic clown makeup featuring a single tear under his right eye, an homage to his fallen friend Janek. 


The Clown is an effective armed and unarmed combatant, typically using handheld guns and rifles to get his jobs done. Able to fight the likes of Avenger Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, and his protégé Kate Bishop, he manages to take the pair down using both his weapon and skill in hand-to-hand combat. Since his clown makeup masks his face, his true face is unknown and therefore, he can get close to his targets as himself. He also speaks Polish, his native language, and English.

Friends and Foes

Growing up, Kazi loses his parents and remains close to his only friend Janek. After Janek dies, the young Kazi is affected deeply by his death and as such grows up to become a mercenary known as the Clown. He works for mafia groups interested in taking down Avengers.

The mafia gang known as the Tracksuit Draculas hire the Clown to take out Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, who causes problems for their business dealings involving the building that he lives in. He also faces Barton’s protégé Kate Bishop, the young Avenger and archer that takes Barton’s codename, first flirting with her as himself and then later in a fight with Barton that she intervenes in.

A History of Violence

Hired by mob bosses to take out Clint Barton, who had interfered with their affairs, the Clown moved in on his target, but slowly. First, as Kazi, he flirted with Hawkeye’s protégé Kate Bishop at a party, then, as the Clown, killed Barton’s neighbor Gil. Returning to the scene of the crime with men from the Tracksuit Draculas, they suffered an attack by Hawkeye’s dog Lucky the Pizza Dog. The Clown shot at the pooch but missed, hitting one of the draculas in the leg. Lucky then attacked the clown, biting him on the wrist but the Clown fought back, kicking the dog but not killing him.

The Clown brought in the Tracksuit Dracula member and former building owner Ivan Banionis whom Barton bought out to stop the abuse he inflicted on the residents at the building he resided in. Ivan was deported afterward but the Clown brought him back and coordinated with him to lead an attack on the building to take it back from Barton. The mafia led an attack but they found resistance from the residents and Barton. The Clown strolled in with a rifle and shot Barton in the leg and continued firing despite mafia members being in the line of fire. Getting shot in the shoulder with an arrow by Hawkeye, the Clown kept going. 

The Clown regrouped with Ivan and found former Tracksuit Dracula member Darlene Penelope “Penny” Wright, AKA Cherry, who had access to a safe containing real estate documents that the Tracksuits were after. Just then, Barton, Kate Bishop and Lucky arrived on the scene. About to shoot the assailants, Bishop shot an arrow hitting her gun out of her hand, but the Clown used it as an opportunity to shoot Lucky and fight Barton. Getting cornered, the Clown released his secret weapon, a hidden gun up his sleeve, and shot Barton point blank in the shoulder. Pointing the gun at his head, he was suddenly stopped by Bishop. They fought, and then Barton flicked the bullet from his wound at the Clown’s eye and knocked him out.