Khatylis was a cosmic entity responsible for the creation of worlds. He would perform this task by using the flotsam of dying galaxies and planet to create new matrices, which could serve as building blocks for new worlds. While performing his task on a dying world that the Silver Surfer was observing at the time, he drew the Surfer within himself to protect him from the destructive energies that were being released. Unknown to Khatylis his actions were being viewed by the Enclave and their creation Kismet. The Enclave thought that Khatylis was destroying the planet, so they attacked his avatar form, although he merely absorbed their energies into himself. Seeing that her creators were in danger Kismet also attacked Khatylis, and the Surfer quickly joined her in the assault. Their combined attack triggered a negative reaction on the matrix of the planet that Khatylis was creating, thus causing a wormhole that began tearing the galaxy apart. Seeing the error of their actions both the Surfer and Kismet offered their powers to Khatylis, so that he could save the galaxy. After avoiding a horrific tragedy Khatylis, ordered the Enclave, Kismet and the Surfer to leave the young, unstable planet, so that it could continue to mature without incidence.






White (no visible iris, in avatar form)


White (in avatar form)

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