Lady Hellbender (Marguerite Hellbender)

Marguerite HellbenderLady Hellbender

Monster Queen of Seknarf Nine, Lady Hellbender defends, collects, and protects monsters across the galaxy.


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The Monster Queen of Seknarf Nine, Lady Hellbender is the fiercest monster hunter, but instead of hunting them, she is dedicated to saving misunderstood monsters. She travels around the galaxy collecting unwanted monsters and honors them at her sanctuary on Seknarf Nine.


Monstrous Origin

Born to Fabian Hellbender, Marguerite loses her mother at a young age. Raised by her father, she grows up with her pet monster Beez until Fabian enters the pet in an arena to fight to the death. He bet against Beez and won, paying off debts that he owed. Marguerite watches the fight powerless. Traumatized from the experience, she grows up to become known as the monster Queen of Seknarf Nine, collector and protector of monsters. She believes monsters are misunderstood, powerful and frightening yes, but nonetheless, misunderstood and need to be set free.



Lady Hellbender possesses super-strength and durability. She also has a keen sense of smell, able to sniff out a double-headed Krackalakassian shrunken in a jar.

She wears protective armor and gauntlets. She’s an effective hand-to-hand combatant, wielding a mace and sword. She also possesses anti-symbiote gauntlets, which allow her to electrocute symbiotes, disabling them for a time so that she can contain them.

She travels the galaxy in her mothership, the Command Ship Destromundo, which houses all the monsters she has captured for transport to Seknarf Nine.


Monstrous Allies and Enemies

Lady Hellbender’s two closest allies, or minions, are Gnasher and Gasher, a pair of monsters who do her bidding.

Her first encounter with Amadeus Cho, his sister Maddy, Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, and Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, in New Zealand proves to be an instant battle, but quickly calms down as Lady Hellbender explains her aims, to hunt and catch monsters providing them a safe home. 

In Lady Hellbender’s line of work hunting monsters, she chases rumors, such as the ones surrounding that of Eddie Brock, AKA Venom. Finding out that his symbiote enslaves Eddie, she separates them and captures the symbiote.


A History of Monster Hunting

Tracking a fierce monster across the galaxy, Lady Hellbender ends up on Earth where monsters appeared mysteriously all over the planet. In New Zealand, she ended up running afoul of Earth’s heroes Amadeus Cho, his super-genius sister Maddy, She-Hulk, and Spider-Man who attacked her as she was tracking the monsters. After explaining why she was there, and showing them her monster collection. Then suddenly Fin Fang Foom, the giant Makluan shape-shifting alien that resembles a dragon, joined them. Witnessing Amadeus in his Hulk form defeat the beast, she realized that he was this world’s strongest monster and stunned him for her collection.

On the ship which hovered in the air, Lady Hellbender checked Amadeus’ tranquilizer disk and he went in for a kiss. She punched him in the face but then changed her mind and kissed him. As She-Hulk, Maddy, and Spider-Man attempted a rescue, Lady Hellbender dropped several monsters that she had collected, seeing Amadeus as the true prize. Amadeus escaped and put the tranquilizer disk on another monstrous creature. He fought the monsters and just before Lady Hellbender got the message that he wasn’t interested in joining her, she kissed him goodbye and told him to call her when he was ready to accept who he really was.

After hearing rumors across the galaxy about Eddie Brock’s symbiote, she tracked him down and used her anti-venom gauntlets to separate the pair. On her ship in low-earth orbit, she got to know Eddie while the symbiote was held captive and flirted with him. Though the symbiote escaped, reuniting with Eddie. Lady Hellbender was again able to separate them and order her ship to open the airlock, sucking the symbiote out into low-earth orbit. Eddie realizing he could survive the drop if he connected with his symbiote, leapt from the craft. Alone, she realized that the symbiote unleashed all her specimens and she swore she’d be back to collect, not for Eddie and not for his symbiote, but for Venom.



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