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When the Banners were hiding out near the Everglades, a mystery presented itself in the form of missing children. Chief Largo suspected the massive Mr. “Danner” to be a suspect and grilled Danner’s wife for information. It turned out Largo’s suspicions were incorrect, but he still felt the couple was hiding something and was determined to find out what. Largo had a chance to test his might against the brutish Danner when a protest at an abortion clinic went horribly wrong, and a young woman lost her life. Danner wanted the shooter, but Largo wanted Danner. However, by tackling the Hulk head on, Largo revealed that he too was more than human. Hulk evaded capture that day, but he and Chief Largo were on hand when the father of the murdered girl came looking for her killer. Speedfreek, disguised in his civilian identity, tried to buy the Hulk’s services to find and kill the boy, but when Hulk refused, Speedfreek tried to kill the boy on his own. In the end, Hulk stopped Speedfreek and Largo arrested the young man responsible for a senseless death.

Not too long after that incident, Largo had attempted to use his status as a police chief to free Betty Banner from the clutches of Major Matt Talbot – nephew of Glenn Talbot – hell-bent on catching the Hulk. Talbot pulled rank on Largo leaving him no choice but to retreat. Largo returned after Betty was hospitalized for two gunshot wounds, one in each leg, and Bruce was taken into custody by Major Talbot. Largo liberated both Betty and Bruce from captivity with the help of his group, the Headshop, in order to take revenge on the Leader for what he did to him. Largo was dying due to gamma radiation poisoning, and instead of the Leader helping him as promised, Largo was decapitated, and his head was affixed to an android body. Banner nearly died in the escape attempt, but a transformation to the Hulk saved his life. Banner wanted no part of Largo's proposal and left to pursue his own agenda after telling Largo the Leader was already dead. Hulk dismantled the Headshop's transportation, leaving them stranded with no way to follow. Largo, and the rest of his group, watched as Hulk took the blame for a series of random attacks on different nations of the Earth, of which Banner had no part but decided it was better they blame him instead of turning on each other. Largo couldn't believe his eyes as he watched a nuclear bomb fall right on top of the spot where Hulk battled Thor, leaving no other perception than the Hulk died in the explosion. Largo, his notion of revenge thwarted, has not been seen since.

*Note: Since these events, the Leader has been returned to life, so it remains to be seen if the Headshop will renew their plans of vengeance.









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