Thor triumphantly returned to Asgard after forcing Hela, the death goddess, to remove the curse she cast upon him and heal him of all his injuries. He was reunited with his long-time friends and allies, The Warriors Three, who attempted to make him stay in their company for a while longer before traveling to Earth once more. Fandral the Dashing tells Thor of a beast that has been terrorizing the countryside and felt they should be the ones to hunt it down. Thor readily agreed to join in this final quest before taking leave of his countrymen, and the noble warriors were off to find a monster. The four warriors eventually find themselves at the scene of a gruesome discovery- a simple farmhouse that now held the remains of a slaughtered family. Suddenly, a blood curdling scream in the distance gave pause to mourning the family as Thor threw his hammer, Mjolnir, to carry him aloft to the source of the cry for help. Thor came face to face with a beast unknown to the realm of Asgard just as it assaulted a helpless woman. Mjolnir struck the beast but to no effect. The creature lunged at Thor but instead of connecting with its intended target, the creature disappeared through a dimensional portal that opened up between the two combatants. Thor went to check on the woman, but it was too late to save her. Her dying words to the son of Odin were a plea to avenge her and her family. Thor would travel alone through the dimensional gateway despite the protests of his friends. He wanted them to stay behind in case the beast returned to Asgard. Once on the other side, Thor recognized his surroundings to be the realm of Avalon, home of the Celtic gods who are enemies of the Asgardians.

Thor became suspicious that the gods of Avalon were responsible for setting the beast loose in Asgard, but those notions were quickly laid to rest as the Thunder god came across some more of the creature’s victims. Thor was not the only one at the scene for soon he was surrounded by many citizens of Avalon all claiming that he was a murderer. As Thor tried to explain that he was not responsible for this foul deed, the gods of Avalon called for his death. With weapons raised, they called for his surrender, but Thor would not be taken so easily. He lashed out and dispersed the crowd without any effort, but it was not the crowd Thor had to be worried about. A spear of lightning exploded the ground beneath his feet, and Thor was now facing one as powerful as he. Leir, Lord of lightning and God of the spear, now challenged the son of Odin. Still under the impression that Thor was behind the murdered citizens of Avalon, Leir lashed out and the two were engaged in furious battle. Neither rival could get the upper hand as both were too evenly matched, but warriors such as they would fight on until they or their opponents no longer drew breath.

In Asgard, the dimensional doorway began to close. Fearing Thor would be trapped on the other side, Hogun the Grim disobeyed orders and jumped through the portal in search of his fellow Asgardian. The fight between Leir and Thor continued and when Leir saw Hogun behind them, he thought Thor was attempting to attack him from behind. Hogun had to quickly dodge a lightning spear, and it wasn’t until the beast was attacking again in front of them that Leir admitted he was wrong about the Asgardians. Nevertheless, apologies had to be put off for there were lives at stake and Thor was not about to watch more innocents die. Together, Thor and Leir struck the beast and chased it away from the villagers. The creature flew back toward the gateway to Asgard. Hogun warned Thor of the possibility of being stranded in Avalon and the two headed for the portal. Leir boasted they could finish their contest another time. With no time to spare, Thor and Hogun made it back to Asgard just as the doorway closed. To their surprise, the beast was dead and it was Fandral and Volstagg who were the heroes responsible for it. Now that their quest was ended, it was time for Thor to leave his home for that of his adopted world, Earth. Unknown to Thor however, was the looming threat of the death god, Seth.

When Asgard was under siege by the armies of Seth, Leir led the gods of Avalon to aid his former enemies for the deliverance of Asgard and the defense of all life everywhere. During the brief time Leir spent in Asgard, he fell in love with the Asgardian, Sif. When Asgard drifted into an area of sub-space known as the Negative Zone because its anchor to Earth, the Rainbow Bridge had been severed, Leir insisted on going back to claim Sif as his bride. He had the Celtic god, Dagda, open a mystic doorway so that he could journey to Asgard once more. The Celtic speedster known as Caber shouted his protests insisting that the Asgardians would not treat Leir as a friend simply because they fought a common foe together, but Caber’s words fell on deaf ears. Leir entered the portal, and Caber reluctantly followed. Unknown to Leir and the other Asgardians, Odin had a vision foretelling the passing of the gods. As Sif thought of her one true love, Thor, Leir surprised her in her bedroom and proposed marriage. Caber is discovered by the Warriors Three just as Sif and Leir emerge from her quarters. She announced that she had accepted Leir’s proposal. Sif had only consented to Leir’s offer because he promised to take her to Earth so she may tell Thor of Asgard’s current predicament. Some unknown assailant had encased the Golden Realm in a mystical barricade that prevented anyone from Asgard from leaving its borders. As Leir, Sif and Caber prepared for their journey, Odin told his trusted guardian, Heimdall, to stop them for they were traitors of the realm. Heimdall attempted to stop these so-called traitors, but Leir and Caber were more than willing to fight their way out of Asgard. It was only because of the interference of Sif that none were harmed. Sif pleaded with her brother to let her go and find Thor, and since Heimdall could never hurt his sister, he let them pass. The three warriors finally found Thor in the Black Galaxy just after an adventure involving the High Evolutionary and the Celestials. Surprised to see his comrades so far from home, Thor along with Hercules and Eric Masterson traveled back to Asgard after Sif told Thor her dire news. Once there, the warriors found the ancient enemies of Asgard, Ymir the Frost giant and Surtur the Fire demon, in combat. This happening could only signal the coming of Ragnarok, the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. Leir again aided the Asgardians as he joined the fight to save the lives of the gods of Asgard. In the end, Thor and his allies prevailed and Surtur and Ymir were banished to the Sea of Eternal Night where they would be kept in suspended animation until the end of time. With the threat of Ragnarock averted and the restoration of the Rainbow Bridge, Leir was ready to claim his bride. He challenged Thor to fight for the hand of Sif, but Sif stopped the contest before it even started. She revealed that another concession in accepting Leir to be her consort was that he must best a champion of her choosing. Leir assumed that she must have been talking about Thor, but he was wrong. Sif chose herself to battle the Celtic god of lightning. Stunned by this recent revelation, Leir was quickly beaten by Sif much to the amusement of his fellow god, Caber. Thoroughly humiliated, it can be assumed that Leir returned to Avalon.

Only time will tell if Leir will return to Asgard to aid them in their time of need or attempt to claim his bride again.




655 lbs.




Reddish brown

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