More than just a faithful pet, Lockjaw is the incredibly powerful bulldog with the ability to teleport long distances and a fierce loyalty to Black Bolt, Medusa, and the rest of the Inhuman royal family of Atillan. With a glowing antenna on his head and some really unique powers (most likely from the Terrigen mists), Lockjaw is not only an indispensable part of the Inhuman world but of the Marvel one as well.

Faithful Friend

Lockjaw is the escort and companion to the Inhumans' royal family and has been at least since the princess Crystal was a young child. According to some reputable sources, the Terrigen mists mutated him from a child into his current dog form and gave him his powers. Lockjaw has a special fondness for Crystal and is highly protective of her; he has a similar relationship with her daughter Luna. He also shares a connection with the Fantastic Four's Thing (Ben Grimm) and with the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, perhaps be due to the antennae each have on their brow. Lockjaw serves as the royal family's unofficial transportation. A very good boy, he will almost always do what he's asked by Crystal, Luna, or Black Bolt. The other Inhumans may have to be more persuasive to gain Lockjaw's cooperation, though he's generally reliable in emergencies.

Faithful Friend

Transgalactic Talents

Lockjaw can teleport distances as little as ten feet and as much as 24,000 miles (from Earth to the Moon). His teleportation radius can be artificially expanded to intergalactic levels via Kree technology attached to his antennae. This was an immense help when Black Bolt was kidnapped by the Skrulls. Using his Kree-based upgrade, Lockjaw helped locate his master. Lockjaw can also teleport inter-dimensionally and has teleported across time on very rare occasions. When teleporting he can bring along up to a dozen individuals or a ton of mass, though all being teleported must be within a radius of 14 feet of him (the closer the better; physical contact makes it easier). He cannot teleport others without teleporting himself. His teleportation is accompanied by a bright sparkling white flash. Certain types of fields, notably the Inhumans' negative space barriers, can inhibit Lockjaw's teleporting.

Transgalactic Talents

Lockjaw has limited telekinetic abilities. He has used these to move rocks and to create force shields to protect the royal family; these exhaust him and he uses them rarely. The antennae on Lockjaw's and Black Bolt's foreheads allow the two to combine their powers. They once created a dimensional gateway, something neither can do alone. Lockjaw has limited and erratic empathic abilities as well. He sometimes senses when those he cares for are in danger or need, no matter their distance. Lockjaw can also track beings he knows, even across inter-dimensional space.

Lockjaw's intelligence fluctuates from little more than canine at times to comprehending complex language. His physical strength is significantly greater than that of a normal being of his size and build, and his jaws are able to grab and hold up to 90 tons; he has held the Silver Surfer at a standoff. Lockjaw's teeth and digestive system are similarly strengthened -- whereas normal dogs chew on and digest bone, Lockjaw chews on metal. In any case, he still has canine tendencies and likes to chase other animals, play fetch, and enjoy pets.

Canine Companions

Lockjaw has had a great influence on his family. When Crystal was heartbroken at leaving Johnny Storm, Lockjaw brought her to the wounded Quicksilver. On another occasion, he freed the royal family from the Sphinx (Anath-Na Mut). Lockjaw has stayed with the family and Crystal as they've moved Attilan between the Atlantic Ocean, the Himalayas, the Moon's Blue Area, and even deep space several times. On one of those occasions Lockjaw actually moved the city himself when Black Bolt routed all of Attilan's power through him. He became part of the Avengers' extended family when Crystal joined them. Lockjaw also briefly stayed with the Thing in his short-lived Atlas Towers penthouse.

Canine Companions

Fleabag Foes

As a loyal companion to the Inhuman royal family, Lockjaw's foes are the enemies of the Inhuman people. Lockjaw helps fight against Maximus, Black Bolt's genius, yet power-hungry brother. Maximus even murders Lockjaw with gaseous bullets on one occasion and controlled his mind twice.

Fleabag Foes

After becoming zombified, Lockjaw finds himself captured by Machine Man, Ultron, and Jocasta. While part of the Pet Avengers, Lockjaw goes head-to-head with Thanos and Fin Fang Foom.


5' (at the shoulder)


1240 lbs.







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Inhumans' Best Friend

When the Inhuman royal family travelled out into modern society in search of an amnesiac Medusa, Lockjaw went with them, where they met the Fantastic Four. After his family was trapped behind a negative space barrier, Lockjaw travelled for several weeks with the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and Wyatt Wingfoot seeking a way to traverse the barrier, but the Inhumans freed themselves.

Inhumans' Best Friend

The most controversial element of Lockjaw's life occurred when he appeared to speak to convince Quicksilver not to expose the infant Luna to mutative Terrigen mists. Quicksilver later claimed that his "speech" was a joke played by Gorgon and Karnak on Ben Grimm (actually a trick played on Quicksilver for Crystal's benefit; Ben was an innocent bystander), although both Inhumans were in plain sight when Quicksilver alleged they were using hidden transmitters. Nonetheless, Lockjaw has not spoken otherwise, and no other evidence has been seen that he can.

Though Lockjaw usually remains with his family or friends, he occasionally acts alone. He once aided the New York Police Department in rescuing homeless families from an arsonist. When Lockjaw was forced to choose between Luna and Crystal after Quicksilver misled their daughter, he chose to briefly flee rather than disobey either.

In 1999's EARTH X, Lockjaw was killed by Maximus when he was shot by gaseous bullets. The teleportation antenna on his forehead remained active after his death and the Inhumans used it to travel to Earth. In MARVEL KNIGHTS 2099, Lockjaw actually survived Maximus's bloodlust after the Inhuman killed the rest of the royal family.

Lockjaw found himself zombified in 2005's MARVEL ZOMBIES with the rest of the Inhuman royalty. While attacking Machine Man, Lockjaw was transported to the main Marvel Universe where he was tricked into eating a human brain containing an explosive device. When the zombie virus spread to Earth Z, another Lockjaw became a zombie and helped kill the Warbound, a group of interplanetary refugees from Sakaar, who were led by the Hulk. Earth Z's zombified Lockjaw is then captured by Machine Man, Ultron, and Jocasta.


In 2009, Lockjaw got his moment to really shine when he led a pack of animals in a quest to find five of the Infinity Stones after the Mind Stone increased his intelligence. In LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS, Lockjaw overheard Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) telling his masters about how he planned to locate the Infinity Gems and give them to someone trustworthy in order to stop them falling into the wrong hands. Lockjaw tried to tell Richards that he knew where the Mind Gem was, but the humans thought he was just being boisterous and told him to calm down. Lockjaw decided to recover the Gems himself and travelled to Earth to put together a team to help him. Using the telepathy granted to him by the Mind Gem, Lockjaw recruited Throg (a frog with power like Thor's), Lockheed (Kitty Pryde's dragon), Hairball (a cat with telekinetic powers belonging to the hero Speedball), Redwing (Falcon's avian sidekick), and Ms. Lion (May Parker's ordinary dog, who is actually a boy).

Searching for the next Gem in the Savage Land, the animals were joined by some useful muscle: Zabu, the sabertooth tiger. After fighting dinosaurs and being swallowed by the Atlantean sea beast Giganto, the animals successfully located all but one of the Infinity Stones. They discovered the final Stone embedded in the collar of President Obama's dog Bo, but before they got it, Thanos arrived, confident that he would gain possession of the Infinity Gems from a mere pack of animals. However, he had never reckoned with Lockjaw, whose tenacity enabled him to wield the power of the Gems to fight Thanos and send him to a distant dimension. With that accomplished, Lockjaw presented the Stones to Reed, but not before he used them to telepathically link all the Animal Avengers in case the universe ever needed them again.

The team reunited a year later in LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS UNLEASHED, where they fought monsters from the Dream Realm and the alien dragon Fin Fang Foom.

During WAR OF THE KINGS, Phyla-Vell kidnapped Crystal. Lockjaw teleported Black Bolt and the Inhumans to Knowhere in order to retrieve her.

The one-time Fantastic Four companion Puppy appears to be somewhat similar to a younger Lockjaw, complete with forehead antennae. On Earth-6513, a similar looking Puppy is said to be the grandson of that world's Lockjaw, however no connections have been established between Earth-616's Lockjaw and Puppy.

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