Lord Vittio

VittioLord Vittio



When the Troyjan known as Trauma kidnapped Atalanta, of the Pantheon, the incredible Hulk gave chase all the way to the Troyjan home world to get her back. Along the way, he and several other Pantheon members recruited more allies in the form of the Silver Surfer and the Starjammers to assist them in their quest. The small faction boarded a Troyjan starport and began decimating the opposing force until the Lord High Vittio put an end to it by placing them all under arrest. The size of a small child, Lord Vittio wasn't intimidated by any who were present, and he made it quite clear he was to be treated with respect. He warned all of his captives not to embarrass him as he took them before his leader, Armageddon.


Approximately 3'







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