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The Pantheon was founded by Agamemnon, an immortal being claiming his father was a god and his mother was a mortal woman. The goal of the Pantheon was to help the world by ending war, famine and pestilence. Among the super-powered operatives employed by the Pantheon, there were thousands of scientists, doctors and technicians who advanced already existing technologies as well as created new ones. Attempting to find cures for fatal diseases and better ways of healing the sick or injured were among the researchers' top priorities. The Pantheon helped starving nations and took in orphaned children. Unlike groups as the Avengers or the Fantastic Four who responded to emergencies after they occurred, Agamemnon wanted to use his group to detect potential disasters and stop them before they happened.

Agamemnon used his extended family to act as the core members of the Pantheon, and even though he was immortal, his relatives were not – although they aged at a very slow rate providing them with extremely long lives. Some of his family even had super powers, but all were highly trained armed and unarmed combatants. Agamemnon, eventually wanted to recruit the Hulk, but Banner was hesitant at first. Once he figured he could atone for past mistakes, Hulk joined the group. With the Pantheon, Hulk returned to his days as an enforcer in Vegas to stop the menacing Mr. Frost, he prevented a would-be dictator from starting world war, he traveled into space to the Troyjan home world, and visited Asgard, home of the Norse gods. For a time, Hulk even led the Pantheon when Agamemnon decided he needed a sabbatical.

More often than not, the Pantheon squabbled between each other because of seemingly childish reasons. The love triangle between Ajax, Atalanta and Achilles (Helmut) sparked a feud where Hulk had to intervene. Ulysses (Walter Charles) was constantly challenged by his brother Paris (Nathan Taylor), and Cassiopeia loved to tease Hector. Despite their sibling rivalries, the Pantheon came together when it mattered and performed a lot of good in the world. It wasn’t until they discovered the betrayal of their founder that things went south quickly. Agamemnon, in exchange for the long lives of his children, made a deal with an alien race to supply him with the technology he needed to sustain them, and in return, Agamemnon would allow the aliens to choose any of his descendants to do as they pleased with them. After rescuing Agamemnon from the clutches of Hela, the Pantheon put him on trial and found out many other horrible decisions he had made over the years involving his family. The worst being the Endless Knights, a group of zombie-like creatures powered by the souls of fallen Pantheon members totally loyal to Agamemnon. Agamemnon decided he would take no more of their abuse and summoned the Endless Knights to destroy all he had built. Hulk, and the rest of the Pantheon, evacuated the civilians in their base and took on the horde of unrelenting creatures. It wasn’t until Atalanta seemingly killed the immortal, but not invulnerable, Agamemnon that the Endless Knights ceased their attack.

Hulk, his transformations mysteriously reversed – when angry now changed back into Banner, was placed in the care of Doc Samson. He received a message from Paris stating the Pantheon was in a rebuilding stage, and Hulk was no longer welcome because Paris was running the show and considered Hulk to be an enemy because of the chaos the group was left in. Sometime later, the members who left to pursue their own plans returned to the Pantheon, and even exiled members such as Jason, the Renegade, came back into the fold. Henry Gyrich asked for assistance from the Pantheon to capture the Hulk, and Paris agreed. However, after a quick skirmish, the Pantheon's core members faked the Hulk's death and asked him to rejoin. Hulk declined the offer, by smashing a hole in the side of their aircraft, and the two went their separate ways.

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