Six hundred million years ago on the planet of Wy'nkar-7, life began to evolve. One slowly developing lifeform, later known as Lunatik came into existence as a fish. Evolving into an amphibian and eventually a humanoid, Lunatik devoured all other developing lifeforms he encountered. Though the planet tried to terminate the monstrous Lunatik, he eventually remained the planet's sole survivor, having evolved into a monstrous humanoid. When an investigating ship from Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance (ICPA), landed on Wy'nkar-7, Lunatik killed the crew, commandeered their ship and journeyed into space. He soon met up with a tiny winged woman known as Skreet and the two of them became partners. Together they explored the universe, pillaging indiscriminately and hiring themselves out various alien beings. Lunatik and Skreet became infamous as savage, high price mercenaries and bounty hunters, much in demand despite their reputation of slaughtering of those that hired them.




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