The origin of the being called Skreet is unknown. The Proemial God Aegis revealed that Skreet was a Chaos Mite. The Mites were a race of very small and powerful beings, which were deemed unstable by the Cosmic Consonance. All of the Chaos Mites were thought to have been erased from the universe during the great purge. It is not clear if the Chaos Mites and the Chaos Sprites are one in the same. It is document that the Chaos Sprites were created by the Proemial God Diableri. They served as his eyes and ears. They were designed to sow chaos wherever there was order.

Skreet's early documented exploits were with the estranged being known as Lunatik. He came from the planet Wy'nkar-7. Together they became very successful mercenaries. At one point they were employed by the Universal Cosa Nostrum. Their most notable mission was to recover Addictum. This was a drug created by the Universal Cosa Nostrum's agent known as Lupal. The drug turned its users blood into napalm when they could not get their fix. Skreet and Lunatik tracked Lupal to Begal, an insignificant planet, located in a little known star system far from developed space. Upon their arrival on the planet they learned that Lupal had committed suicide.

They were confronted by the former Herald of Galactus the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer and Lunatik engaged in a fierce battled. Skreet joined the battle by blasting the Surfer with a violent plasma blast. The Surfer returned the blast only to find that his Power Cosmic had no effect on Skreet. Lunatik quickly knocked out the distracted Silver Surfer. Skreet and Lunatik determined that Lupal had placed tattoos on a tribe known as the Children. This was his way of hiding the secret formula. Skreet and Lunatik slaughtered the entire tribe to harvest the tattoos, in order to decode the formula. Once the Silver Surfer recovered he destroyed the formula and he blasted Skreet far enough away to defeat Lunatik.

Skreet and Lunatik landed on another planet were Lunatik purchased the Intergalactic Star Sled from Murray. Skreet entered a card game with Champman, in which she won the Drogs to pull the Sled. They soon traveled to the planet Earth in search of Arisen Tyrk also known as Lunatik. Tyrk was aging and sickly, they found him in the hospital, where Lunatik killed him. Skreet and Lunatik spent a short time with the Avengers, during that time she was mistaken for the Janet van Dyne, by Giant-Man. Not long after that they returned to space and were hired by Lady Fynn-Geres of the Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance. She had offered them seventy five percent of twelve million credits. After defeating their foe Ictus the She Wolf Lunatik became the ICPA's pope.

Lunatik eventually betrayed Skreet, by withholding her share of the big bounty. He turned Skreet over to the authorities (possibly Peter Quill), who imprisoned her in the Kyln prison planetoids. The Kyln housed many highly charged cosmic beings, such as the Proemial Gods, Antiphon, Aegis and Tenebrous. The very first Herald of Galactus, the Fallen One was also a prisoner there. Skreet was freed from a cocoon while on the planetoid by the Kosmos (also known as the Maker or Beyonder), who basically threw her away. She landed in a sandy desert area of the planet. The Maker shrunk down several other inmates who confronted her. The ferocious Mynx was among them. They were all tossed away just like Skreet. Mynx was caught in mid air by Skreet. She later witnessed Thanos being blasted through the air by the Maker.

Skreet waited for Thanos to recover, she somehow knew that he wasn't dead. The two of them sought Kosmos out, and brought her down in battle. Skreet was about to finish her off, Thanos intervened and managed to manipulate her mind by some unknown method. Peter Quill was also imprisoned on the planetoid for the catastrophe he caused while trying to capture the Fallen One. Who was in the company of the Shi'ar warrior known as Gladiator. Peter Quill informed them that the Fallen One had been freed by Kosmos' power. Thanos and Skreet pursued the Fallen One who was looking for Galactus in a quest for revenge. Skreet and Thanos battled the Fallen One, at the conclusion of the battle the Fallen One was converted into Thanos' servitude. Skreet was not in agreement with this decision. Thanos and Skreet were last seen in allegiance with the universal conqueror known as Annihilus.




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