Maddy Cho (Madame Curie Cho)

Madame "Maddy" Curie ChoMaddy Cho

Super-genius Maddy Cho helps her brother Brawn with controlling his darker Hulk-half and assists him in protecting the world from threats.



Super-genius Maddy Cho assists her heroic Hulk of a brother Amadeus, AKA Brawn, while keeping his anger issues in check and protecting the world from him if need be.


Family Tragedy

Born in Tucson, Arizona and raised by South Korean parents Philip and Helen Cho, Korean-American Madame “Maddy” Curie is a teenage super-genius, not unlike her older brother Amadeus, who later becomes known as Brawn. She is named after famous physicist and chemist, Madame Marie Curie. 

After her brother wins a quiz show, garnering the title of 7th Smartest Man in the World, a jealous former child prodigy, Pythagoras Dupree, had their family killed in their house in an explosion. However, Maddy did not actually die there and was in fact still alive, just missing. Once they reunite, Maddy helps her brother with his smashing issues as the new Hulk, providing him guidance and support. She finds his behavior as the Hulk unreliable during their heroic missions, and warns him often of how Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk, loses control.



Described to have a quantum brain, Maddy is a super-genius like her brother. As such, Maddy runs Amadeus’ “Hulk Mission Control” out of their flying food truck/mobile headquarters dubbed the “Meat Wagon.” She acts as a guide for her brother throughout his missions, primarily communicating with him using the intercom on their robot, Natch, who accompanies him in the field.

She sometimes uses a flying food truck as a mobile headquarters, and wields technological weaponry when necessary. She wears a bodysuit and tennis shoes that contain internal jet packs, which allow her to fly and sometimes uses a flying disk to get around as well.  


Family and Fierce Foes

Maddy works with her brother Amadeus, the new Hulk, and she doesn’t hold back with him, despite being three years his younger, often swearing at his immature behavior. Maddy also goes up against Amadeus’ Hulk-side when he buries Amadeus in his subconscious, and helps defeat him so her brother maintains control. As a voice of reason, she grounds him in reality when he needs to calm down. Maddy and Amadeus often work out of their mobile flying food truck and The Olympus Group, a corporation that Amadeus is CEO of after having received the position from the Olympian Goddess Athena.

Maddy and Amadeus team up with Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, and Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, as well as the Protectors against threats they can’t handle on their own.

Maddy comes face-to-face with some of her brother’s foes including The Monster Queen of Seknarf Nine, Marguerite Hellbender, AKA Lady Hellbender, who ultimately ends up being an ally. 


A History of Helping Her Brother

When monsters mysteriously erupted around the world, Maddy helped her brother contain and eliminate the chaos by running “Hulk Mission Control.” When Maddy was attacked by Lady Hellbender, Amadeus nearly lost it but was brought under control by the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Maddy who both calmed him down. They soon discovered that Hellbender had been searching for rare monsters to provide them with sanctuary on her planet Seknarf Nine. They have an encounter with Fin Fang Foom but in the end come to an agreement and Hellbender leaves Earth with her rare monsters in hand. 

Amadeus began having blackouts while he was his Hulk-self. Maddy expressed concern that he was becoming more like Bruce Banner’s Hulk, and would cause irreparable damage to himself and others as the Hulk. However, Amora, AKA Enchantress, of Asgard tried to recruit him to become her champion in her quest to conquer Asgard. Maddy tracked him down via satellite in the Sierra Nevada desert transformed back into his regular-sized self with no memory of what he did while with her. Amora’s time on Earth attracted Jane Foster, AKA The Mighty Thor, who arrived immediately following Maddy’s arrival. The Mighty Thor fought him to get the Hulk to come out and tell her Amora’s plans but Maddy intervened, explaining that he had no memory and smashing him won’t help. The Mighty Thor takes them to a secret Dwarven outpost in Iceland where the Hulk had previously torn through and stolen their treasures, specifically their Uru metal. Amadeus begged the Dwarves for forgiveness and promised to get their Uru back. Maddy ran a spectrometer on The Mighty Thor’s hammer to trace down other incidences of Uru on Earth and found Amora with her horde of Dark Elves who were making weapons out of the Uru. Amadeus as Hulk and The Mighty Thor fought the Elves but he then transformed back to himself because he was afraid of losing control and told Maddy of when Enchantress showed him dreams of their parents dying, and he blamed himself. He apologized to her for winning the brain game competition and causing their parent’s deaths. Maddy admitted to being mad and missing them, but set it aside and told him to get made at Enchantress instead. He then used one of the Uru axes to destroy all of the weapons Enchantress had created. Maddy used a handheld mini-E.M.P. Communication Disrupter as a weapon to electrocute Enchantress but she teleported away escaping. Just before The Mighty Thor departed, she warned Amadeus that she’d be keeping an eye on him. Maddy and Amadeus then visited their parent’s gravestone in Tucson, Arizona where she cried and they comforted each other over their shared loss.

When Banner became sick with the flu, Maddy and Amadeus brought in Rick Jones and She-Hulk to assist them in helping Banner heal. After Banner apparently was killed by Hawkeye, Amadeus planned to track him down despite Maddy objecting to his plan. After several attempts at trying to get Amadeus to focus on being a hero, and a fight between Amadeus and T’Challa, AKA Black Panther, Maddy quits helping him and leaves.

Maddy next saw her brother after he destroyed a robot dragon at a basketball stadium. She injected him with a gamma inhibitor, albeit a temporary solution to have him stand down. They work together battling and defeating the remaining robot.

When Maddy alongside T’Challa, Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, Cindy Moon, AKA Silk, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jake Oh helped Amadeus confront his Hulk personality since he had been more out of control than usual. They traveled to the moon and while Amadeus let out the Hulk, Maddy and the other heroes plugged into the Transverse Brace, which allowed them to have a psychic connection with him while he’s hulked out so that they could communicate from a safe distance. While in his mind space, Amadeus confronted the Hulk part of his personality and found out he was his anger manifested, and some of that anger had to do with Maddy hating him for killing their parents. Maddy denied it, saying that they worked through it, but the Hulk started to get angry and destroy the mind space. Maddy disconnected from the mind space and found T’Challa enacting Amadeus’ fail-safe plan of a self-quarantine in deep space. Maddy watched powerless as T’Challa already launched Amadeus into space in a shuttle.

Weeks later, Maddy found him crash-landed in Central Park in New York City. She arrived on the scene aboard a flying disc and outfitted in a bodysuit, chastising him for being gone and acting like his return was normal. They caught up on his whereabouts at The Olympus Group headquarters where Amadeus as his Hulk-self explained where he had been and that he was using his brawn and brains together. Little did Maddy know though that Hulk was keeping Amadeus locked inside his head but still able to access his intelligence. After Hulk killed Prince Phalkan, Maddy realized that this Hulk was not her brother. When T’Challa and Jimmy Woo demanded she compile data on him, she refused, not trusting them and decided to handle it herself. She approached the Hulk and received Morse code through one of Hulk’s veins, sent by her brother trapped inside the Hulk. She shot him with Gamma blockers but it didn’t quite work. Later, with the help of counterbots injected into him, Amadeus was able to overpower his darker side. He was left in a Hulk form that more resembled him, but taller, and started calling himself Brawn. 



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