By somehow obtaining a sample of Jean Grey's cells. Mister Sinister created an adult clone of her. When the original Phoenix committed suicide, Scott believed he had lost Jean forever, unaware that her original body lay in suspended animation in a pod at the bottom of the sea. Sinister grew his clone at an accelerated rate in his laboratory. He named her "Madelyne Pryor" and programmed her with false memories and the desire to fall in love with Cyclops. When Phoenix died, its share of the real Jean's consciousness traveled back to Earth. This part of Jean's psyche eventually reached the clone that Sinister had created and endowed it with consciousness for the first time. Sinister then planned for Madelyne to bear a child, which would possess the superhuman genetic potential of both Scott and Jean. The evil mutant would then capture the child and control him as he grew up. Scott Summers first met Madelyne Pryor in Alaska, where she was working as a pilot for North Star Airways, the company run by his grandparents. Scott and Madelyne were married when he became convinced that she was not Jean Grey, Madelyne's exact lookalike. The scheme started successfully: Cyclops married Madelyne, and they had a son, Nathan, who was destined to become Cable.

When the real Jean returned, Cyclops rushed to her side. Madelyne's own psi powers began to emerge, and she took refuge with the X-Men. But then the demon N'astirh sent her dreams which aroused the dark side of her psyche. Her powers fully awakened, Madelyne became the mad Goblyn Queen and attempted to take revenge on Cyclops by sacrificing their son. Instead, Madelyne perished in combat with the original Jean. Intent on destroying the X-Men along with herself, the Goblyn Queen unleashed a tremendous psychic force. But her enemies shielded themselves, and Pryor became the only victim. In one last attempt to kill Jean, the dying Pryor linked their minds together. Jean survived, and the portion of Jean's psyche which had been stolen by the Phoenix Force and had awakened Madelyne, finally returned to Jean.It was reveled that Emma told Scott that Madelyine was alive.




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