Unrevealed, possibly Marissa DarrowMagdalene



A Warrior women form Earth-9201, Magdalene was rescued by the mad Proctor of Earth-922 during her world's destruction. Driven insane by a doomed romance with his world's incarnation of the Eternal adventurer Sersi, Proctor had slain his Sersi, destroying their world to do it. Proctor began visiting a series of alternate Earths, killing each world's Sersi and destroying each world in the process. Proctor and his Sersi having been members of their world's Avengers, Proctor rescued several surviving Avengers from the alternate worlds he destroyed. He mentally manipulated these recruits, telling them the Avengers in general and Sersi in particular were responsible for the destruction of their worlds. Proctor called these followers the Gathers, partly because they had to "gather" (eliminate) their respective counterparts in the realities they visited in order to function properly there. Magdalene was one of the earliest Gatherers and became Proctor's lover, though they drifted apart over time. She later fell in love with new recruit Philip Jarvet, the Swordsman of Earth-921, and their relationship made Proctor jealous and resentful. Magdalene, in turn, became fiercely protective of the tormented Swordsman as their romance grew.




203 lbs.


Blue, often blank white



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