Maria Rambeau is a supportive albeit worry-prone mother to the Avenger Monica Rambeau.


Seamstress Extraordinaire 

Maria is a successful seamstress that runs her own shop called “Maria’s” in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Maria and her husband Frank, a firefighter, have one child, their daughter, Monica, who grows up to be a famous Avenger.


Close Ties

Maria’s quite close with her family and she’s always concerned and looking out for them. Through her daughter Monica, she’s allied with the Avengers Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, and Jennifer Walter, AKA She-Hulk, as well.


A Mother’s Account

When Monica revealed her identity as the Avenger “Captain Marvel” to her parents, Maria expressed great pride in her daughter. Monica left shortly thereafter to fulfill her duties to the Avengers, and Maria voiced her concern about her safety to Frank.

While Maria is supportive of her daughter’s Super Hero life, she continued to worry about her.

Maria and Frank later receive another visit from their daughter who beamed into their living room through the television set as VHF-radio waves. Monica informed them about her nomination as Avengers Chairwoman. She expressed doubts but Maria reminded her that she has always been a quick study, and to take her time making the decision.

When Monica was drained of energy after accidentally conducting herself across the surface of the ocean, Maria and Frank together nursed their daughter back to health. Monica, forced to retire from the team, became an Avengers reservist.

Maria later received a call from Duane Freeman, the Avengers Federal Security Liaison who was looking to increase diverse representation on the team. Maria discouraged him from asking her afraid Monica would say yes.

Once, when Maria was trying to dispose of Monica’s Avengers I.D., Monica caught her and she admitted her fears about her dangerous profession. Amidst tears, Monica embraced her mother, and Maria understanding recognized how much Monica was like her father.



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