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The Many Deaths of Rick Jones

The super-powered sidekick is back for a new interdimensional adventure in anthology series ‘Avengers Unlimited’!

Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 cover by Juanan Ramírez


The Son of the Original Captain Marvel Returns in Peter David's 'Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel' #1

The fan-favorite hero stars in a new limited series launching in June.



Marlo Chandler was an American citizen, and it was presumed that she was born in California, although the exact location of her birth has yet to be revealed. She had a brief relationship with Joe Fixit. Their relationship was short lived due to her witnessing Joe taking the life of another man. She remained friends with Bruce Banner (Joe’s daytime persona) and at some point Marlo became the roommate of his girlfriend Betty Ross. Marlo and Betty's relationship went through its ups and downs due to Betty believing that Marlo had dated Banner; however, they all managed to remain friends. Sometime later Marlo and Betty met Jacki Shorr who claimed to be Rick Jones' mother, Marlo quickly developed feelings for Rick, and she later learned that Jacki was a farce, who had been drugging Rick and holding him hostage within her basement. Marlo was stabbed to death by Jacki. Rick desperate to bring her back from the dead approached Doctor Strange, Reed Richards of the the Fantastic Four, and anyone else who might have the technology to bring Marlo back. He eventually confronted Hulk's arch-foe, Samuel Sterns also known as the Leader who revealed that he could save her using his "Deus ex Machina" (and the unseen efforts of the cosmic entity Death. It appeared that Stern's efforts were successful although it was detected by Doc Samson that his methods left her in a comatose state. She eventually woke up, Rick proposed to her, and the two were soon married at a ceremony that was attended by beings from across the universe (invited by the mischievous Impossible Man).

During the time Rick was experimented on by members of the Intelligencia to become A-Bomb, Marlo was also subjected to a process which transformed her into a new Harpy. She helped Rick to escape, but was later used to attack him, along with Banner and Skaar. She eventually changed back, with allegedly no chance of becoming the Harpy again, but she and Rick decided to make a temporary split in order for her to remain safe.









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