Mary LeBow

Mary LeBow



When Danny Ketch decided his time spent as the Ghost Rider was more of a curse than a blessing, he went to Mary LeBow for help. Danny chose her to exorcize the entity out of his body which she successfully did using what she calls technomancy – the combination of magic and technology. Mary was also there when Danny hit rock bottom because he wanted his powers back, but she had warned him the process could not be reversed. She was used to receiving calls from Danny after he had gotten in bar fights and drinking binges. Mary tried to be a good friend to him, and she even saved his life from a group of thugs after he had been given the powers of the Ghost Rider for a very brief minute. Danny needed her help yet again, and Mary agreed to assist him in getting to the bottom of what was going on. When she attempted to get some answers, the rogue angel, Zadkiel, confronted her and demanded she stay away. Mary didn’t listen to the warning, and it would prove to be her undoing. Zadkiel’s servant, Mister Eleven, killed LeBow and brought her to the place in-between worlds. Mary was shocked when Eleven revealed everything to her, and she even saved Eleven from an enraged Verminus Rex who had also been manipulated by Zadkiel. LeBow was promised a new body by Eleven, but it has yet to be revealed if he kept his word to her.








One side of Mary's hair is black and the other is white, and each side is styled differently

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