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When Mister Eleven first presented himself to Johnny Blaze, it was during the time Lucifer had escaped Hell and was determined to bring it to Earth. Eleven had been out of the game for a while, but when fate brought him face-to-face with Lucifer, he thought it was a chance for him to become a player again. Unfortunately, Lucifer didn't want any help and separated Eleven's head from his body. Eleven laid next to another victim of the devil's and transferred his essence into his body. Apparently, he was insulted Lucifer didn't know who he was dealing with and thought Eleven could be disposed of so easily. Mister Eleven tracked Lucifer down and caught up with him while he and Ghost Rider were in heated battle. For someone who has been keeping Heaven and Hell at odds with each other for centuries through manipulation and lies, Johnny Blaze would be a much easier target. Eleven helped Blaze defeat Lucifer and asked Ghost Rider to show him what he truly was – angel or demon. Unfortunately, all the years he had spent undercover for both sides made it impossible for him to be either one. Eleven could not get a definite answer, but he would still search for one. The injuries he sustained caused his new body to expire, but a passing bird sufficed for a new form, and Eleven vowed to see Blaze again with Ghost Rider in his debt.

Some time before that, Mister Eleven was in the service of Zadkiel, the rogue angel determined to overthrow Heaven. His mission was to help recruit the former Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch, to the cause. Eleven took the form of a crow and was to act as mediator between Zadkiel and Ketch. Ketch was desperate to get his powers back after he had them exorcised by Mary LeBow, and Eleven was there when Danny was at his lowest point. It wasn't hard to influence Danny. All it took was a taste of power, and Danny was like a junkie addicted to drugs. Eleven would return at random times and promise Danny more power each time until he couldn't live without it. Mary tried to help Danny resist, but Eleven killed her before she could help Ketch. In the place between worlds, Mister Eleven revealed all to LeBow but offered to get her a new body because he said one day all those associated with the occult would have to stick together. Eleven left with Mary as Danny pledged his allegiance to Zadkiel.






Unrevealed (original form); Varies (host body)


Unrevealed (original form); Varies (host body)

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