The past history of the female from the planet Sirus X remains shrouded in mystery. It is known that she was an entrepreneur that ran a brothel, prior to the Magus crossing her path and declaring her the Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth (UCT). She had become unsatisfied with the powers granted to her by the Magus and sought to overthrow him by using his past self known as Adam Warlock, to overthrow her messiah and become omnipotent head of the Magus' galaxy wide empire. The believed that by killing Warlock, the religious domain that she ruled over would cease to exist, so she resorted to electronic brainwashing of Warlock hoping to enslave the Magus as well. Warlock escaped the Matriarch's mental control by slipping into madness.

However, the mischievous Pip the Troll often referred to her as Slink, the nature of their relationship remains undefined. Together with the Magus, she proved to be an expert strategist and efficient leader. Together they led the fanatical Universal Church of Truth to dominion over thousands of planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. When they encountered a planet, whose inhabitants chose to oppose their religious ways, the entire planet went under the process of purification. This purification process met that the majority of the inhabitants of the planet were destroyed.

Recently the Matriarch has returned as leader of the Universal Church of Truth, and she has been engaged in conflict with a being appearing to be Adam Warlock and a group of cosmic freebooters known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Matriarch sent Raker and his Cardinals out to bring back evidence that this new Adam Warlock was authentic by obtaining DNA samples. The Matriarch possessed a cocoon that she believed held the body of the real Warlock within it. Although, when Raker returned with conclusive DNA proof that this being with the Guardians was truly Adam Warlock. The Matriarch approached the cocoon only to be attacked and threatened by whoever was inside of it. Before she could have the cocoon opened Adam returned and announced that he was the leader of the UCT. This Warlock was eventually defeated by Star-Lord using a Cosmic Cube obtained by Kang the Conqueror, but not before he killed the Cosmo, Gamora and Martyr all of whom were members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Matriarch later appeared on Knowhere and took Moondragon, who possessed a being within her that the members of the UCT thought to be their new messiah.








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