Maureen Logan

Maureen Logan

Maureen Logan is a loving mother to her two children and a supportive wife to her husband, Old Man Logan, the former Super Hero known as Wolverine.


Wolverine #66


Flashback Friday: Dead Man Logan

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Old Man Logan: Beyond the Wasteland


Old Man Logan: Beyond the Wasteland

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Maureen Logan is a supportive wife to her husband Old Man Logan and loving mother to their two children.


Farm Life

Hailing from Earth-807128, Maureen falls for Old Man Logan and they have two children together, Scotty and Jade. They live on their farm in Sacramento, California in a territory owned and run by the ruthless Hulk Gang.


Supportive Wife and Mother

Maureen supports her husband and children by cooking and coming up with creative ideas when they find themselves short of rent. One night, she reminds Logan that their curious daughter, Jade, is just that and not to be angry with her for things she said at the dinner table about his past as a Super Hero.


Family Ties

Maureen raises her two children, Scotty and Jade, with her husband Logan. They live on and run a farm together.


Angry Antagonists

Bruce Banner’s grandchildren, known as the Hulk Gang, threaten to kill Maureen’s family unless they pay double the month’s rent when they miss one payment after 20 years of on-time payments. They follow-through with that threat and kill her and her two children while Logan was away securing the money to pay them off.


A History of Hard Work

When Maureen’s family was about to miss a rent payment, she creatively used what resources she had to solve the problem. She suggested that they sell their children’s toys, such as the X-Box and a long-life battery. Their landlords known as the Hulk Gang come to brutally beat Logan for missing a payment but leave after Maureen’s son Scotty raises his rifle at the gang. The Hulk Gang threatened to kill the family if they don’t pay double come the following month, so Maureen says goodbye to Logan when he gets work form their friend, Old Man Hawkeye.

Despite Logan coming up with the rent, the Hulk Gang killed Maureen and her two kids before he paid them, leaving them dead in their home for Logan to find and setting him on a path of revenge.



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