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Combining technology and sorcery, the cyber-sorceress Mechamage tapped into the phone lines of the Fantastic Four and listened in on their conversations as they were looking for magic-users to help their injured friend, genius and adventurer Alyssa Moy. They first contacted Dr. Strange, but his assistant, Wong, told them the Doctor was not in and referred them to sorceress, Margali Szardos. The Fantastic Four found Szardos imprisoned in the Citadel by Selene, evil sorceress and Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. The heroes tried to rescue Szardos, but were overpowered by the magical abilities of the guards. The demonic guards had even managed to steal the heroes' souls when Mechamage teleported in to save the day. She defeated the guards and returned the Fantastic Four's souls to their bodies. She was then able to free Margali Szardos from her prison and Margali transported all of them to Limbo.

While in Limbo, Margali prepared the Fantastic Four to battle the looming magical threat. While the Human Torch was resting after an exhaustive training session, Mechamage took off her armor and gave the surprised hero a back rub. When Szardos felt they were prepared, she teleported Mr. Fantastic and Mechamage back to Earth to attend the Hellfire Club's party. To avoid attention, Mechamage cast a spell that made her appear as Alyssa Moy. At the club they found themselves in a secret ceremony where Selene summoned forth the powerful demon, Blackheart, and the two began to collect the souls of everyone in attendance. Mechamage and Mr. Fantastic resisted and when Margali teleported in with the rest of the Fantastic Four they all attacked Selene and Blackheart. When Mechamage flew into Blackheart to rescue the souls of the Invisible Woman and Margali Szardos, she discovered and released the spirit of Daimon Hellstrom who had been imprisoned there as well. Using the Fantastic Four as avatars of the four ancient elements (earth, air, fire and water) and Mechamage as a mystical "conduit", Hellstrom and Margali cast a complex binding spell that imprisoned Blackheart in the bowels of the Hellfire Club. With Blackheart neutralized, Mechamage, Alyssa Moy and Margali Szardos decided to join together in order to do battle with threats from dark magic and the forces of shadow. They called themselves the Shadow Hunters.

During the so-called Maximum Security event, while the life-form known as Ego invaded Earth, Mechamage and Margali joined with Agatha Harkness, the Scarlet Witch, Dakimh, Khalid Inshallah and Jules St. Thomas in an attempt to cast Ego out of the Earth, but their spells were unsuccessful. Ultimately, the hero Quasar rid the Earth of Ego by absorbing him into himself.




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