Mercedes Merced



Once a SHIELD agent, Mercedes went rogue after being left out in the cold when SHIELD temporarily disbanded. Gathering intel on criminal organizations for Nick Fury, she ran a SHIELD front called the Org, employing her husband, Taskmaster, as her only field agent; Taskmaster has no recollection of their relationship due to his photographic reflexes overriding certain aspects of his life every time he memorizes a new fighting style. When agents from various secret societies banded together in the Minions' International Liberation Front (MILF) to overthrow the Org, their leader Red Shirt falsified an Org bounty on Taskmaster's head, hoping to goad him into seeking the Org out so MILF could locate the Org’s headquarters. Mercedes posed as a waitress to get close to Taskmaster but played along to help him recover his lost memories of their marriage. She was nearly tortured by members of the Inquisition, almost killed by the Don of the Dead, shot by Taskmaster and pummeled by Red Shirt, but she got what she wanted for a few short moments: Taskmaster remembered who she was. Losing her husband again as his powers overrode that memory when he absorbed a portion of Red Shirt's Shi'ar fighting style in order to defeat him, she had to make a quick escape before the Secret Avengers raided her base. Mercedes told Steve Rogers she would supply him with information from a distance, explaining this was the only way to be close to Taskmaster, and she was not going to leave him the way he abandoned her.









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