Mercedes Wilson

Mercedes Wilson



One winter, blissfully newlywed teachers Wade and Mercedes Wilson saved "Jack" from drowning, unaware that he was a mercenary who had botched his assignment. In an attempt to remain hidden, Jack tried to usurp Wade's identity, however, the couple fought back and Jack accidentally slew Mercedes and presumably killed Wade as well. Years later, mystical mercenary T-Ray, apparently the true Wade Wilson, initiated his calculated scheme of revenge against Deadpool (who also believed himself to be "Wade Wilson"), who T-Ray believed to be Jack. T-Ray set his plan in motion by subjecting Deadpool to hallucinations of Mercedes, believing that he would fall in love with her, and then T-Ray would destroy him by revealing the truth. Mercedes was resurrected with no recalculation of how she died; T-Ray manipulated Deadpool into rescuing her. Mercedes adjusted to her new life while assisting Deadpool and Ilaney Brükner in uncovering the identity of the person that was responsible for bringing her back from the dead. Mercedes began to settle for a peaceful existence with her alleged husband instead of pursuing revenge on T-Ray, although T-Ray made Mercedes watch his battles with Deadpool at places and times that was important to them, sowing doubt in her when Deadpool did not recognize these places or events. T-Ray then summoned ghosts of Deadpool's victims and he restored death memories. T-Ray used his unusual talents to transform Mercedes into a mystic albino like himself, T-Ray announced that he was the true Wade Wilson and convinced Mercedes that Deadpool was Jack. However, to T-Rays dismay, Deadpool thought that the entire incident was a big joke, instead of a devastating travesty as it was intended to be. Deadpool apologized to Mercedes for his suppose actions, and beg her not to become a monster as he and T-Ray were. Disgusted that she was resurrected solely for the purpose of T-Ray's revenge, Mercedes gave a portion of her new powers to bring T-Ray down, although she reclaimed her power before Deadpool could kill him. After their battle Mercedes left with T-Ray while vengefully leaving Deadpool to face the ghosts of his victims alone. Mercedes current whereabouts remain unknown.




140 lbs.


Light amber; (originally brown)


Red; (originally black)

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