Wade Wilson (allegedly)T-Ray



Per T-Ray's own account he was born "Wade Wilson." He met his future wife Mercedes while they were attending college in Calgary, Canada and they married after graduating with teaching degrees. While vacationing in Maine, they discovered a wounded youth and they took him into their cabin to recuperate. According to T-Ray, the young man's name was "Jack," a mercenary on the run from his employers for botching his assignment. In an attempt to remain hidden, Jack planned to kill Wilson and assume his identity, leaving his employers to believe that Wilson's dead corpse was his own. However, while attacking Wilson, Jack was accosted by Mercedes, and he inadvertently took her life. Jack fled, although the surviving Wilson remained at the cabin until Jack's employers arrived. Wilson agreed to enter their service and he was trained to kill Jack. Due ti his craving for additional power he killed Jack's employers, and became an accomplished sorcerer in Japan, transforming into a more muscular albino form and allegedly trading his soul to entities called the "dark Masters"; he realized that he was becoming as evil as his wife's killer, but refused to care.


6'9" (formerly 6'2"


361 lbs. (formerly 235 lbs.)





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