A decorated New York City police officer, Misty Knight found herself in a new line of work after a terrorist bomb left her without a right arm. However, thanks to friends like Tony Stark, who gave her a bionic replacement, and Colleen Wing, who encouraged her to keep helping people, Knight persevered and became one of the most well-respected heroes around. Not only can she beat just about anyone in a fair fight, but she can get just about anyone on the phone to help out.

Misty Knight

Misty Morning

Misty Knight left the NYPD after losing her arm in an explosion, but her hero days would continue beyond that. Thanks to the bionic arm from Tony Stark and her partnership with Colleen Wing, she became the go-to person for people in need of help as a part of Knightwing Restorations, the Daughters of the Dragon, Heroes for Hire, and the Defenders.

Misty Knight

Long Arm of the Law

Misty Knight was first in her class at the police academy, was awarded the Medal of Honor by the NYPD. She is an excellent shot. Tough as nails, Misty hones her martial arts skills to become a renowned hand-to-hand combatant. Her bionic arm receives a variety of technological upgrades over the years (thanks to Tony Stark and Reed Richards), making it super strong and hard to break. It also features repulsor rays and other built-in enhancements.

Craven Criminals

Between her roles as police officer and Super Hero, Misty Knight runs afoul of more than her fair share of criminals.

Misty Knight

While hanging out with Iron Fist the first time around, she takes on the Wrecking Crew, Boomerang, Bushmaster, and Davos. With the Heroes for Hire, she goes against Nightshade, Sabretooth, and Constrictor. More recently, she inspires Sam Wilson to take out the Hydra Captain America and plenty of his other villains.

New York Neighbors

Misty Knight's one-time partner Rafael Scarfe acts as source inside the NYPD for years, but eventually he goes off the rails when Daredevil takes over the Hand.

Her sisterly relationship with Colleen Wing, though sometimes rocky, remains strong over the years.

Misty Knight

Misty also develops close relationships with Iron Fist and Sam Wilson. She fights alongside Spider-Man, Wolverine, the X-Men, the Heroes for Hire, Paladin, Valkyrie, and the Defenders. Few people have as impressive of a rolodex as she does.




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Knight Watch

Misty Knight first appeared as an unnamed woman who was saved from muggers by Spider-Man and Human Torch on Christmas Eve. Not long after that, Knight met Iron Fist in the wake of his return to New York City after training in K'un-Lun for a decade. He'd made friends with Prof. Lee Wing and his daughter Colleen, who was a good friend of Misty's. When it looked like Iron Fist kidnapped them, Misty tried to take his head off with a flying kick.

Rand subdued Knight before running off to save the Wings. They met on better terms while both tracked down Colleen. This time they worked together to rule out Tony Stark AKA Iron Man as potential suspects and focused on getting their friend back.

As their relationship progressed, Misty told Danny about her career as a New York City police officer and how she lost her arm in a terrorist attack. Misty explained that she might have given up on helping people completely if Colleen hadn't been there to encourage her to keep fighting.

Iron Fist eventually found Colleen and helped her defeat Angar the Screamer before everyone returned to the Big Apple. There, Misty and Danny got to know each other better while walking around New York and then fighting the Wrecking Crew and Boomerang. They had a falling out after Danny wanted to help save a friend of his, who also happened to be a bomber.

At that point, Misty had taken a gig deep undercover as the girlfriend of international mob boss John Bushmaster. However, she blew her own cover when she heard of Bushmaster's plans to kill Iron Fist. Misty got back to New York in time to help Spider-Man save Rand from another enemy, Davos. She even took the Steel Serpent on alongside the Wall-Crawler and Colleen Wing after he'd stolen the Iron Fist power, holding out long enough for Rand to return and take his power back.

Danny found himself restored to his usual powers just in time for Luke Cage to arrive looking for Misty, but finding Colleen instead. After calming Cage down, they heard that he was blackmailed by Bushmaster into getting Knight in exchange for his friends Claire Temple and Noah Burstein. At that point, all four heroes teamed up to take down Bushmaster, sowing the seeds for the very first incarnation of Heroes for Hire.

At this time, Knight shared a place with Jean Grey, who had just become well-acquainted with the Phoenix Force. Both women happened to be entertaining Jean's parents when Lilandra appeared and almost immediately passed out, followed closely by Firelord and Erik the Red. Given both of their busy schedules, the women didn't see a lot of each other, but did occasionally meet in the field until Grey's untimely apparent death. Later, it turned out that this version of Jean Grey was actually an embodiment of the Phoenix Force.

Misty spent most of her next few years working alongside Colleen Wing on their own business called Knightwing Restorations (and Daughters of the Dragon) while teaming up with the Heroes for Hire. Along the way, Misty and Danny Rand formed a tight bond that bloomed into a long-lasting, though spotty romantic relationship.

All of that came to an end when Danny Rand appeared to die and Luke Cage was blamed for the murder. The truth was that Danny had been replaced by a doppelganger. Much later, Misty ran off to the Savage Land to investigate the apparent reappearance of Danny Rand. That also turned out to be an impostor, this time the Super Skrull working with Ward Meachum to destroy the planet. Misty worked with Namor, Namorita, and others to prevent the destruction of the Earth. Misty eventually reunited with the real Danny Rand, who had spent his time away focusing his chi on healing the cancer that had grown inside of him.

While working as a private investigator, Misty contacted Deathlok for assistance in taking down a Doombot that was kidnapping cyborgs including Machine Man, Ultron, and Jacosta. She was battered in the encounter, but Deathlok took her to Reed Richards to have her arm repaired and upgraded.

Knight reunited with Wing to fight alongside Iron Fist once again.

Misty Knight

They encouraged Danny Rand to continue on his journey to K'un-Lun, regain his powers from longtime enemy Davos, and save the city. This once again rekindled Misty and Danny's on-again, off-again relationship.

Heroes for Hire later came back thanks to Namor's Oracle company and original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. When the group ran into trouble, Hammond called in Misty and Colleen to help on a mission to Symkaria alongside Power Man and Iron Fist. Later, Danny Rand nearly died but Brother Voodoo used soul parts of Misty, Colleen, Luke and Heroes for Hire member White Tiger to bring him back to life.

The Daughters of the Dragon continued their jobs as private investigators and bondswomen. They took on Rhino, Whirlwind, and a new player by the name of Ricadonna. Along the way, they made friends with a pair of villains named Orka and Humbug who would reappear on their next endeavor.

After the Stamford tragedy, Misty and Colleen met with Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Spider-Man to discuss the Heroes for Hire working directly for the government to bring in unregistered super humans. They agreed, but only to bring in villains, not their friends. This decision did not sit well with longtime comrades Luke Cage and Danny Rand.

Even though they stood on opposite sides of the Civil War, Misty, Colleen and Luke agreed to help Jeryn Hogarth, who was blackmailed into helping a man named Xao destroy K'un-Lun. Xao used his Hydra agents to kidnap Hogarth's mother. To ensure her safety, he helped Xao build a magnetic train that would be filled with explosives and driven through a portal into the mystical city. While Iron Fist dealt with a variety of factors on his end, the three New York City-based heroes fought Hydra forces to stop Xao's plan and save Mrs. Hogarth.

Misty and Colleen returned to their government-backed Heroes for Hire squad which included Black Cat, Paladin, Shang-Chi, Orka, Humbug, and Tarantula, though not everyone on that team proved a team player, or even a full-on hero. After surviving the Savage Land, the team ultimately fell apart during World War Hulk, especially after Misty traded their safety for that of fellow member Moon Boy. This caused Colleen to split from her longtime partner.

With the Heroes for Hire in ruins, Misty had time to rekindle her relationship with Danny Rand. They moved in together around the same time that Rand focused on selling off his company and using the money to set up dojos and other programs to help people. Together they fought off some foes, but were both excited to find that Misty was pregnant. Unfortunately, this proved a false positive, something that sometimes happens to Immortal Weapons. After discovering the truth, the pair drifted apart.

Always ready to help a friend, Misty accompanied Cage, Iron First, Shang-Chi, and Colleen in an attempt to talk to Daredevil after he build Shadowland on top of a block that Bullseye had destroyed in Hell's Kitchen. After fighting off Murdock's Hand ninja--he had been taken over at that point and was possessed by a demon--Misty went back to work. While looking into a Shadowland-related case, she found herself teaming up with Paladin, Silver Sable, and the Shroud to figure out who had been framing the Hand for murder.

That experience partially led to Knight reforming the Heroes for Hire, this time with a new set-up. She used her many connections in the mask community to deliver in-ear communicators to various individuals and call on them when their skills were needed. Misty acted as Control, calling the shots from a home base. In reality, she had been in a coma for months as the Puppet Master pulled her strings for Zebediah Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man.

Knight and Paladin worked to regain whatever reputation they had as Heroes for Hire before they found out about Puppet Master. They eventually succeeded and helped out during Spider-Island, then Misty made a gutsy play to start Villains for Hire. Instead of officially making a heel turn, Misty worked out a plan with Paladin to make her seem worse than she was so she could not only get the criminals she worked with locked up but also draw Purple Man out and end his reign of terror. After working with Paladin so closely, the two began a brief romantic relationship.

Misty and Danny attempted to rekindle their relationship not long after, but were interrupted when a nearly dead Fat Cobra appeared on Iron Fist's doorstep telling him someone was killing the Immortal Weapons. When Misty asked what Danny had been up to with his Defenders teammates, he couldn't tell her because of their interactions with the Concordance Engine. Since she thought he was keeping things from her, she hit the pause button on their relationship.

In the wake of Fear Itself, Misty teamed up with another incredible female fighter, the Asgardian Valkyrie. They focused on restarting the Valyrior with eight women warriors from Earth and put together a group that consisted of Dr. Annabelle Riggs, Dani Moonstar, Hippolyta, and many of Misty's Heroes for Hire contacts to fend off the Doom Maidens. After that battle, which resulted in Annabelle's death, Valkyrie decided that the Valyrior didn't need to be restarted, so Misty walked away with her friends.

Misty rejoined after Valkyrie and Clea brought Annabelle back from Valhalla, but with them sharing a body. Reunited, the new Defenders dealt with threats like the Ghost Boys' Brood farm in the sewers under New York City and Caroline LeFay's mission to gain more power. The group survived Thanos' Wardogs, the Doom Maidens, and an attack on New Amazonia before Misty tapped Frankie Raye to stop LeFay's obvious plan without knowing she'd also been working to bring her mother Morgan LeFay back to life.

Just after finishing up with the Defenders, Knight and Wing reunited to help their friend Shang-Chi even though it ruined their stakeout. The Daughters of the Dragon stuck around to back Shang's mission, but then went their own ways again.

Knight later popped up in the Super Villain-run country of Bagalia where she had been deep undercover for S.H.I.E.L.D. until Sam Wilson came crashing into the country soon after becoming Captain America. After saving Cap from Crossbones, the two worked hand-in-hand to stop Baron Zemo's plans of spreading a vampire-born contagion around the planet. At the end of that adventure, Misty pulled Sam out of the water after an explosive battle with Baron Blood.

After Secret Wars, Knight kept working with Wilson in his crusade as a different kind of Captain America. Along the way they dealt with bigots and rioters as much as big events like Avengers: Standoff and Civil War II.

Even though she and Wilson kept very busy, Misty still had time to help out her old friends Power Man and Iron Fist as well as Black Panther. To save the latter from Ezekiel Stane, she joined the Crew alongside Luke Cage, Storm, and Manifold. Back in Harlem, Misty found herself working alongside these same heroes to figure out who murdered activist Ezra Miller.

Misty Knight

The Captain America created by Red Skull and the living Cosmic Cube Kobik took control of the United States, which devastated Sam Wilson, leading him to take off. Knight and Wilson soon reunited and used an extra-dimensional subway created by Brother Wonderful years back to get people out of the country before joining up with the Resistance. Misty got a jet for Sam and some of the Avengers to use in their ultimately pointless search for Cosmic Cube fragments and was later in the Mount secret base when Hydra blew it up. She went on to convince Sam to put his Captain America suit back on and then fought by his side in his ultimately successful mission to stop Hydra Cap.

These days, Misty Knight continued fighting for those who can't, sometimes on her own, sometimes with the likes of Colleen Wing, Daredevil, and The Defenders!

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