Nate Grey (Earth-2098)

Nathaniel "Nate" GreyNate Grey


X-MEN (2019) #1 cover by Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho


X-Men: The Summers Family, Explained

The Summers family is complicated, even by X-Men standards! Meet Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and the rest of their relatives scattered across space and time.



The Shaman was born in the Earth-2098 reality, which was an Age of Apocalypse version of Earth-998. Earth-2098 is a reality that seemingly existed for the sole purpose to restore Earth-998, where a war between Asia and Briton ravaged this reality for years, until the intervention of the Red Queen, an outcast from the reality of Earth-9575. The Red Queen had devised a plan to rule the British empire by using the perfect Nate Grey as a human weapon of mass destruction. Her plan called for to travel from reality to reality to find a flawless Nate Grey. Shaman was one of the first Nates to captured by the Queen. She realized that he was implanted with a genetic time-bomb by Mister Sinister and created a seal and placed it upon his chest, preventing his inevitable death. The Shaman managed to escape his captors and at some point he existed a Canadian assassin in an attempt to kill the Queen. The assassination attempt was foiled by the Lord Protector to the Queen, Mr. Scratch. The hid himself among the people and became their healer. Shortly after Mr. Scratch presented Nate Grey (Earth-295) to the Queen, the Shaman began to reach out to Nate telepathically assisting him in his escape and leading Nate to his location. The shaman revealed to Nate the dead corpse of the Queen's greatest inventor Forge who was slain by Mr. Scratch to conceal the Queen's secrets. Shaman coached Nate into using his abilities to explore Forge's mind and have the corpse tell them what he knew of the Queen and her plans. Just as Forge completed his re-accounting of the Queen's exploits, Mr. Scratch barged in and injured Nate's spine and crushed the windpipe of the Shaman. The Shaman sacrificed his life while Nate-295 realized his full power at last, destroying the Red Queen. Nate later returned to Earth-616 and took up the mantle of Shaman to mutants.




135 lbs.




Brown with white streak

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